Friday, January 7, 2011

The Week before Christmas

We went to The Roberts Family Christmas Party out in South Jordan. This is a picture of Rick's mom and sisters: Carly, Sophie, and Penny

This is Carly's husband, Micah, and her daughter, Eleni. Eleni has this new funny face she has been trying out. So cute!

Rick and I at the party. I was really tired that night, if you can't tell :)

We had a Chevalier (my high school drill team) reunion while I was there. Everyone wasn't able to make it but it was so fun to see the girls that could! I LOVE these girls! We have had some fun memories :)

One of my all-time best buds. Love ya, Trish!

My amazing coach, Nikki. She is awesome!

One morning we woke up to a blanket of snow over EVERYTHING! It was kinda exciting because up until that point I had only had one snowstorm. We had some snowfall in Chicago a few days before I left for Utah and then we hadn't had any significant snowfall until this day. We took Daci outside in the same snow suit we put her in last year (It was Rick's from when he was two years old!) She had a lot of fun at first but after about a half an hour her fingers were frozen (we didn't have any gloves for her) and started to hurt. Rick had her help him plow the driveway and then he built a snowman for her!

The Roberts have some GORGEOUS scrub oak in their backyard. We love to take pictures out there. Isn't it cool?

Playing in the snow with daddy. I found some adult gloves and tried to put them on her, they didn't last long :)

Rick made a goofy snowboarding snowman, complete with goggles, a helmet, and posts for arms!

The next day we put the tree up at Rick's house. Penny works as a school teacher so she hadn't had time to put it up until the day before Christmas Eve. We were glad she waited though because Daci had a blast putting the ornaments on the tree :)

Rick kept lifting her up to the high branches to put ornaments on them. She loved it!

Rick working on the tall branches, he also put the angel on the tree.

After the ornaments were on, we put the presents under the tree. Daci was really excited about that!

After the tree was done, Rick and Daci had some rough and tumble fun. She loves to tickle him and she also loves it when he gives her airplane rides.

Up Tomorrow: Christmas Eve and Christmas!


Karen Pedersen said...

Rick is such a sweet daddy. I'm so glad you guys chose each other. I loved his silly snowman, but even more than that, I loved the fact that he would do that with his little girl.

Tommy, Jaci and Porter said...

yay! You took Daci out to play in the snow! :) I love all the pics, the snowsuit is fantastic! I wish My mom or Lisa saved stuff from when we were little! The pic of you and Daci in the snow where you can see the snow falling is sooo cute! Looks like you had a fun Christmas in Utah :)

Abrahao said...

Korinne you have such a cute family! I love reading your blog so much, Daci is a doll!