Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Wedding!

Easton and Daysha got married on Dec. 17th in the Draper Temple. It was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING when we were trying to take pictures outside after the ceremony. We only snapped a few and then everyone gave up and left. Luckily, Easton and Daysha had gone up a few days before the ceremony to take pics outside of the temple so they wouldn't have to after the wedding, before the luncheon. Good idea! It was waaaaay to cold to take any on the day of their wedding. After the wedding we went straight to Salt Lake for the luncheon. My mom (being the Groom's mom) was responsible for the luncheon. She did all the decorating and the food by herself. I came in a week before the wedding on purpose. I really wanted to help her get everything finalized for the luncheon. We went up to the church in Salt Lake the night before the wedding and spent a few hours setting up and making food. My Aunt Cindy and her girls helped as well. I think the decorations turned out GORGEOUS! They are all dried fruit or acorns and nuts found in nature. We also had a bunch of leopard frames with their engagement pictures in them. All of the pictures that follow are just snapshots from my camera. We haven't gotten any of the official pics back from the wedding photographer yet.

At the luncheon. Easton and Daysha laughing at something goofy and ridiculous that my dad was saying.

My Mom, Grandpa and Grandma. Notice the pretty decorations? :)

This is a ridiculously goofy picture of me but I had to prove that I helped set up :)

Me and my precious Daci during the program at the luncheon.

Daci got bored listening to the speakers so she made a little fort under the table with her bear :)

After the luncheon while we cleaned up, Daci was a mad-woman! She was soooo hyper and was running around everywhere! She really took to my two cousins, Katie (pictured) and Paige. She was running around and demanding that they play with her.

Dawson and Daci. She LOVES her Daws!

More running.....

She kept throwing these Osage Oranges (aren't they cool!?)

At the reception. They had it at the Salt Lake Hardware Building downtown right by the Gateway. It was beautiful! Our dresses turned out so pretty. Daysha had a family friend design and make the bridesmaids dresses and her wedding dress. She also had Daci and her little cousin dress up in these cute little outfits. The headbands were made by me.

My family. Rick, Daci, Me, Easton, Daysha, My Dad, My Mom, and Dawson. Tannon is on his mission in Spain so he wasn't there.

My family and my mom's parents.

My mom and Dad with Easton and Daysha.

The Macho boys

My grandparents

Sophie, Penny and Fred came to the reception and took Daci home for us. It was a good thing they did. She was exhausted and seemed to be getting sick as the day went on. Can you see her rash developing on her face? Turns out she had strep throat while we were in Utah and she started getting sick the day of the wedding.

The venue was gorgeous!

Daysha doing the Polynesian version of the money dance.

At the end of the dance the bride dances on the grooms back

There was a little program where Daysha sang a few songs and then she and her sisters sang. Daysha is a Music Dance Theater Major at BYU and was a Young Ambassador for two years. She is also playing Tiger Lilly in BYU's Peter Pan this month. She is very talented. She and her sisters also did a few songs together.

Once the line was done, my dad immediately untucked his tux :)

Mom and I at the reception

Daysha and her dad, Dave during their Father/Daughter dance

Easton and Daysha during their first dance as a couple

Getting into their decked out car :)

Okay, so thats it for wedding pics. More Christmas posts to come!


Liz Smith said...

what a gorgeous couple!!! it looks like it was a great wedding. i really like your dress too! you look beautiful!

Abrahao said...

Korinne your family is so beautiful. It's not fair that so many pretty people can be in one family!!! You and Daci looked so cute! It was so nice to see you guys. Hope you made it back safely. love ya

Karen Pedersen said...

It was so much fun to read the wedding festivities in your words. Thanks for all the snapshots (to Rick too!). Love you three so much!