Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Things Going on With The Roberts

 Last Saturday Rick put shelves in his cabinets and got all of his "gadgets" organized.  The cabinet still has to be painted and have a frame put around it but its coming along great!!  Now, if we can just get some shelves built for all of my scrapbooking supplies that you see in the background stacked up on the floor :)

 Top Shelf: Reciever, DVD Player; Second Shelf: Rick's new computer that he built and his external hard drive; Third Shelf: My PictureMate printer, the router and the cable box, Fourth Shelf: Printer and the bottom part that you see with all of the wires will be a little pull out angle door so you won't see all of it :)  Rick did such a great job and I'm so impressed!

 A milestone has occurred!  Daci's hair can fit in pig tails.....well, sorta.  Her hair only grows in the back, she has an infamous mullett, so when it gets long enough I can put it in pig tails but the top is still really short and doesn't even come close to fitting into her "mullet tails" :)  Her hair is also really fine and thin still so they slip out after about five minutes.  Oh well, a mom can dream, can't she?

 Daci is really into music lately!  As soon as we get in the car she says, "Song! Song!" If I turn it down to answer a phone call she starts yelling, "Song! Song!" So I will turn it back up.  She also loves to put her headphones on, sit in the chair and listen to the iPod :)  Most recently, she is obsessed with me turning on Glee music on the computer and then she dances and bangs her drum in front of it.  I usually do this for her when I make dinner so I can keep an eye on her.  She will do it forever!!  Her very favorite song is Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are".  It is my ringtone and anytime someone calls me she sings the full ringtone.  How does she know all those words?  She seriously surprises me with her vocabulary every day!

 I've been cooking a lot lately.  My Mom got me a bread maker for Christmas and I made Gluten Free bread this week.  I also made a Gluten Free Pumpkin Roll that turned out delicious.  I've made some yummy soups and one night I made Tilapia and Pilafi with Green Beans.  I don't have a car during the day so we have to come up with creative things to do at the house to keep me from going insane :)

 My friend, Angelique, and her little girl Lyla have been coming to visit a bunch too.  Isn't she adorable!?

Rick has been REALLY busy lately!  This is basically what he looks like when he gets home from work.  If you have ever seen the movie The Social Network, they talk about "plugging in" and Rick has adopted the phrase ever since we saw it :)  He got asked to head up the BYU Recruiting trip for his company so he has been really busy preparing for that.  I think I have posted on here before about this, but Rick is working on developing an iPad application and he wants to have it pretty much complete by the time they go to BYU so he can present it.  He has also been really busy with meetings, etc. with work.  I'm proud of him for working so hard but I sure am missing him :) Since Rick got asked to do the BYU thing we get to go out to Utah again! We will get to be there a wk before Daci turns two so we get to have a big bday party with our family and still have her fly for free one last time!!

 We had a girls night with a bunch of the girls in the ward this week.  Of course, we were having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures there, but this is one of Rick and I right before I left.

 The next day we went over to our friends house for The Bears/Packers game. My mom always makes a cake like this for the Super Bowl so I thought I would make one for the NFC Championship game :) Once again, we had so much fun that i forgot to take pics.

This is a pic of Daci and I after we got home

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some More Fun From Our Trip

 Daci got this cute outfit for Christmas from Carly

 Eleni also got a matching outfit so we just had to take pics :) (headbands made by me)

 Giving Hugs

 Daci loved to climb up and play the piano while we were there.

 Fred with his two grandbabies

 We took family pictures in the Roberts' backyard.  We haven't had a family picture with Rick's family since our wedding.  My mom came up and took pictures for us.

 Eleni, Carly, Micah, Penny, Fred, Sophie, Rick, Kori, and Daci

 Eleni, Carly and Micah

 Fred and Penny

Penny, Fred, Carly, Rick and Sophie (Sam is serving a mission in Brazil)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Day

We woke up at 7am and opened presents with the Roberts family. Daci was so excited when I woke her up. I said, "Daci, Santa came last night and brought you presents!" She said in a sleepy voice, "Santa? Oh yay!"

Daci loved passing the presents out to everyone

I got a Cricut from Penny! Wahoo! Its one of those things that I always wanted but didn't think I would ever have. I'm so excited!

Daci sure had the hang of opening presents up this year. She was a pro!

First present: Mrs. Potato Head!

Penny got her an American Girl Doll baby. She loves it!

She got some mini Sesame Street characters. Sesame Street is her favorite TV show now. She LOVES elmo!

Carly, Micah and Eleni

Eleni working on her present from me

I got her a sock monkey

Sophie got Daci a Hokey Pokey Elmo. Daci also LOVES this!

Carly and Eleni

After we opened presents with the Roberts we rushed over to my family's house because Tannon called at 8am for his Christmas call (he is on a mission right now)

After the phone call Daci got to go see what Santa brought her. She LOVES her new farm and Sesame Street stuffed animals!

Mom with her stack of presents.


Easton and Daysha. They had gotten back from their honeymoon the night before and had some wedding gifts at our house to open for their Christmas.

Rick got Despicable Me, he LOVES that movie. HOwever, it quickly became Daci's present. She is obsessed with "Buckle Me". She watches it over and over and has many of the quotes down. She says, "Liiiightbulb", "So fi die!" (It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!), "Hate dat guy" (I hate that guy), "Whhhaaaaat?" (when the minion is accused of coming up with a mischievious idea), and many more. She is such a crack up! We also got her Beauty and the Beast because it is one of my all-time favorites and I had to have my little girl like it :) She does like it. She calls it "Beast". She likes "Buckle Me" better though :)

Mom got a CuttleBug! So cool!

Daci got a little Cabbage Patch Doll that looks like a skunk. Seriously, to die for cute!

We got iLife from my Grandparents. I am SOOOOO excited to finally have an updated version of iPhoto!!

I got Rick a Universal Remote Control for his HTPC that he built. I know it sounds lame but it is actually pretty sweet (and expensive!). It has sure made our life easier :)

My mom got Daci a stove with dishes and play food. She loves to be a little chef. She takes a spoon and pretends to stir the food in the pots and then she takes a sip to test if it tastes good yet :)

I am loving watching Daci's imagination and vocabulary explode! Its so much fun to see!!

Christmas was wonderful. Thanks to everyone who made it that way for us! Love you all!