Monday, December 22, 2008

4th Grade Christmas Party!!!!

Me and my cute (most of the time crazy) 4th grade class!

Enjoying my hot chocolate :) (I am 31 weeks here)

Me with Maliana, Brendon, and Alex. They are showing off their cute christmas tree ornaments.

Chase and Isaac eating their sugar cookies that they decorated with an inch thick of sprinkles! Yuck!

Me with Shelby, Mariah, Amanda, Chase, and Devin

Caitlin and her Christmas tree ornament

Me with Kenzie, Kaelin, Cierra, and Ellie

Most of you know that I am a fourth grade teacher and most of you also know that I have sure had my ups and downs with this experience. Last week we had a class Christmas party and it was definitely an up! We had a blast and the kids were just so darn cute that day that I had to take a bunch of pictures. They had a bunch of different stations that they were working at during the party; sugar cookie making, a christmas game, hot chocolate and christmas stories, and ornament making.


Todd Family said...

I can't believe you are a 4th grade teacher! That's crazy! SO awesome! You look great too! You don't even look pregnant! I'm glad to see what's going on in your life!

Kelli said...
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Kelli said...

I'm so impressed with your little 4th grade class. Oh, and did I mention that you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!? p.s. you should check out our blog