Monday, December 22, 2008

Nice, Villefranche, and Monte Carlo

Our last day we visited Nice, Villefranche, and Monte Carlo. It was so much fun visiting the famous Casino Royale in Monte Carlo! The gardens surrounding the casino were beautiful and breathtaking. Mom and I spent a long time taking pictures in the gardens of the flowers, fountains, and ducks! The top picture is of mom standing in front of the famous casino, the middle one is of me in Nice and the bottom one is of me outside of the Casino Royale.


Wesleys said...

WOW! Kori that trip looked super amazing! How fun for you to go with you mom...Me so jealous!

Todd Family said...

That trip looks like a blast! So cool that you got to go on it with your mom. Your mom is beautiful! She looks just like you!