Monday, December 22, 2008


Malta was very beautiful, almost everything was white. This is mom standing outside of the city entrance.

A view of the Maltese coastline from my cabin balcony

St. John's cathedral... we weren't allowed to use our flash inside the cathedral so the pictures we got are really poor quality but I still wanted to show a few different views of the amazing cathedral

The whole floor was lined with these beautiful tombs. They painted very detailed pictures on each tomb.

The whole cathedral had very intricate gold carvings

This is a picture of me outside of the Cathedral in the courtyard.

Our very first port was in Malta, it is an island off of Greece. Mom and I didn't book an excursion this day, we decided to take it easy and just sight-see on our own. It was a very beautiful island. We visited St. John's cathedral and went into many shops on the main street on the island. We were very impressed with how well the natives there spoke English, one guy even helped me find a phone that I would be able to call my hubby on....that made me like the island even more :)

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