Friday, December 16, 2011

Keeping busy!

We've been keeping busy here at the Roberts household!  I like to keep myself distracted so I don't think about how soon it is til the babies come and also so I don't think about how far away it is :)

Daci and Eleni had fun fingerpainting for the first time:

We had our Ward Christmas Party last weekend.  It was so fun for me to get out and see everyone!

How cute is she anyway?

I started the 12 Days of Christmas for Rick.  I wanted him to have a special Christmas since he has been doing so much for me lately.  Our van was pretty much our gift to each other this year so I thought I would do little, inexpensive but meaningful things for him each day.  One morning I woke up at 5am and made him breakfast for work.  This is a huge thing for me.  I'm sorry, but getting up in the morning to do breakfast is just not my thing.  But, I know that he absolutely loves a good breakfast, so I did it for him :)  I made him stuffed strawberry and cream cheese french toast.  He loved it!

I also have been doing a bunch of papercrafting for gifts.  I made 60 cards in one day.  20 of 3 different designs.  It took me quite a while but I am happy with how they turned out!

I love this birthday card I made.  Sadly, the picture doesn't do it justice.  The colors are all really pretty together.  Close To My Heart teamed up with Cricut and made an awesome cartridge!  Both the cupcake and the roses are cut from the Cricut, then I embossed, glittered, and bejeweled the cupcake and rolled the flowers.  I love that even though they all cut out identical, they all look different once you roll them,

I also made this "4You" card

And this "Thank you" card

We also have been working on this dresser for the babies' room.  I found this on the side of the road on trash day and swiped it :)  It was pretty sad looking when I found it.  It had never been sanded and was spray painted white.  It was also missing the two top side by side drawers.  We sanded and painted the whole thing and Rick turned the missing spot into a shelf.  I found these cute baskets and knobs.  I absolutely love the finished product!  What do you think?  Sidenote:  Hobby Lobby only had 7 ceramic knobs.  I ordered another one and it should be here next week :)

I was 33 weeks yesterday.  Exactly five weeks to go!  I set my induction for Jan. 19th at 7:15am.  That is my 38 week mark.  The doctors said that anytime after 37 weeks the twins would be just fine to be born and they would go straight home with me.  My mom gets in when I am 37 weeks and 3 days.  I'm thinking that would be the perfect day for my body to decide to go into labor :)  We are really excited and anxious!


Karen Pedersen said...

You look beautiful, Daughter! I love seeing all of the photos of the happenings in your home since I don't get to be close by to see it all first-hand. I love you all so much! Take it easy. We want those babies to get to 37 weeks at least!

Brenda said...

I second your mom - be sure to rest! You are so creative! I love the artwork, and that dresser is great! How nice to have easy access baskets, so that worked out perfectly. Daci is adorable - I never tire of pictures of her!

Kade and Kaylee said...

Kori you are still looking AMAZING! You rock that red lip stick girl! I love it. Those cards are so cute too. You are so talented with paper crafts!

Liz Smith said...

i love your cards. they always turn out so pretty! it was soo good to see you last night. you look SO cute! i still can't believe you have 2 babies in that little tummy of yours. they'll be here before you know it. i can't wait to meet them!!! :D