Monday, December 19, 2011

Ornament Making

Today I was working on the last of my handmade Christmas gifts and I set Daci up at the table beside me with a craft of her own.  I wasn't sure if she would be able to do it by herself, but I thought I would let her start and if she needed me, then I would help her finish it.  Remember those beaded candy cane ornaments you did as a kid in school?  I wanted Daci to do one of those this year and looked everywhere for the supplies.  All the craft stores had those kinds of beads but they were multi colored, really expensive, and you had to buy a ton of them.  I was frustrated and decided to give up on the idea until one day I was in the holiday section at hobby lobby and they had little ornament kits for $1!  Score!  So today was the day that I pulled them out and Daci LOVED it!  I explained what a pattern was and told her to do it red then white then red then white.  I didn't really think she would get it but right away she started saying "Red then white, red then white" as she put each bead on!  I was so impressed!  I said, "Daci you are so good at making a pattern!"  She said, "I know!  Like Mickey Mouse!"  That right there made me feel 100% better about letting her watch tv :)  Haha!  She learned something from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, wahoo!  After about 10 beads she got sick of the pattern and wanted to do it her own way.  But, at least she knows what a pattern is :)

Concentrating very hard

Showing off her pattern

After 45 minutes of stringing beads....and giving up on the pattern :)

Its a candy cane!

She hung two of them on the you see them?  She is very proud :)


Brenda said...

She should be proud! She did a great job!!

Karen Pedersen said...

This brings back such memories of making these exact ornaments with you!

Emily said...

super cute!! and i just gotta say i love it when my kids learn something educational and useful from tv. some of those shows really do have some good stuff on them :) totally worth letting them watch it!!