Thursday, December 22, 2011

Once There Was A Snowman, Snowman, Snowman!

Daci has been SOO into snowmen this year.  She wakes up every morning and asks if there is snow so she can build a snowman with daddy.  Since there hasn't been any snow (don't I live in Chicago?!), we decided to build our own indoor snowmen. I saw these on pinterest and fell in love!  Carly and I have been trying to do a craft a week with the girls and thought these were just perfect. We followed the tutorial on this site, but tweaked a few things to make them our own.  If you can't tell from the pictures below....the girls loved this craft!  I think Carly and I may have liked it even more :)  I mean c'mon, look how adorable they are!

Filling the socks with beans (I didn't have enough rice).  Don't mind that Daci doesn't have any pants on, it was an accomplishment getting at shirt on her :)

Leni filling her sock with beans
 Then, I kinda forgot to take pics of the middle steps.  Whoops :)

Daci loving the snowmen

So proud

Aren't they cute!?

The girls with their snowmen

Eleni was proud too :)

And now he sits on our hutch next to the Christmas Trees!


Carly said...

aw our two precious girls! That was so fun to see them with their darling snowmen :)

Karen Pedersen said...

I'll take a set of 3 in graduating sizes, please...a daddy, mommy and baby snowman. Tell Daci to get busy. Seriously, these are darling. I wish I could have come and made them with you guys. BTW, next time put some pants on my granddaughter!

Brenda said...

I had to laugh at your Mom's comments!! These are very, very cute!! Kori, if you haven't been told this - you are a great mom!!

Tommy, Jaci and Porter said...

So cute!! I'm totally stealing this idea!! I did the candy cane one with porter too! Keep the fun crafts coming!! =)

Steph said...

Stealing this idea after our first big snow! LOVE it! And Ty seriously would run around in his underwear all day if I would let him...I can usually get a shirt but pants are a no go when we are at home! Oh the life of a 2 1/2 year old! Haha!