Friday, December 9, 2011


Like I said in my last post, we have a tradition in our family where the kids get an ornament at Christmastime from my grandparents and my parents have also carried this on with Daci.  Daci is so excited about Christmas, and with me not being able to shop very much, I have done a lot of online shopping.  Every afternoon when the doorbell rings she yells, "More presents!?"  I usually have to tell her that they are for Christmas, and then she pouts for a while :)  But this week she got two different packages in the mail!  The first was from my grandparents.  They sent her her ornament and she was so excited to open it, she couldn't even wait to get her coat off or have me help her.

Trying to open it by herself

Trying REALLY hard to open it herself :)

I finally got her to take her coat off and sit down, I cut the top of the envelope open and she went to town

Seeing her ornament for the first time

Proudly showing off her Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus ornament.  Thanks GG and Great Grandpa O!!

Yesterday a big package came in the mail from my mom with all of our Christmas presents and Daci's ornament.  She was so happy when I finally gave her one she could open....she was getting more and more frustrated with each package I told her to put under the tree :)

Here is the progression of this present opening:
Finally got her box

Ripping it open

Pulling out the bubble wrapped ornament.... "What is it!?" she yelled excitedly :)


Hanging it on the tree

So proud of her new ornament :)
I LOVE Christmas with kids. It is the BEST. Can't wait til Christmas day :)



thats so cute! I love when my mom sends packages too! Its so cute and it makes them feel so special! She is getting so big and her hair is so cute! You look tiny.. like your whole body is normal skinny and then you look like you just have a basket ball under your shirt!

Karen Pedersen said...

I'm so glad she loves her "Hello Kitty"

in morse code said...

nothing beats getting packages in the mail! maybe that's why I do all my shopping online...ha! p.s. you are looking great! I think a prego belly is so fun to dress and you do a great job :)