Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthday Fun

This weekend is pretty much my favorite weekend of every year.  I am so lucky to have my birthday and Mother's Day be within a few days (if not on the exact day) of each other each year.  Since they are so close, I feel like we end up celebrating me for a few days :)  I know that sounds super vain, but after the last few months of chaos that I have had, it feels nice to have some pampering myself!  On my actual birthday Carly gave me a massage for my gift!! What!?  First of all, I have never had a massage, so I was super stoked! What a thoughtful gift!  It was amazing, of course.  Not only did it feel good to have my sore and exhausted body rubbed down, it also was HEAVEN to have 50 whole minutes to myself without any babies crying for my background noise :)

After my massage, I told Carly I wanted to get out and do something.  So we called another friend and we packed up and headed to our favorite place, Downtown Naperville.  It was such a beautiful day and the kids loved getting out and running around! Naperville is gorgeous and has so many fun things to do.  I just love it!

We met at the library.  There is a statue of The Cat and the Hat that Daci was really excited about.  She is on a big Dr. Seuss kick right now.  

Then we headed over to the adorable local bookstore, Anderson Bookstore.  The kids played on the train table and looked at books for a while.  This is Daci with Stephanie's boys, Ty and Braden.

Eleni and Daci looking at books

Livvi was wide awake at the bookstore, Street was asleep

Then we headed over to the cute candy shop, Naper Nuts and Sweets, and let the kids pick out a treat.  Daci picked a giant lollipop.

Eleni and Daci with their suckers
 Then we headed over to the riverwalk.  We walked up the river to this awesome fountain and let the kids run around for an hour.  They had a blast!

If you look closely you can see that Daci is jumping.  This is her new thing. She has to hop everywhere.  She has had a few bumps and bruises because of this :)

My girls

So happy, dirty face and all :)

Stephanie and her boys 

Carly and Eleni on the bridge

The kids kept running from one end of the bridge to the other, and then back again

My cute kids

Carly and Eleni

Street woke up and was all smiles

Eleni loved walking along the stone wall
 After we went Downtown Naperville, the boys came home and joined us for Lou Malnati's...the absolute best pizza around.  The even have a "no dough" pizza for us Celiacs.  I think we have had Lou's for all of our birthday dinners!

The twins getting ready to par-tay!

The crew

Leni likes Lou's!

Daci loves it so much she won't even look at the camera

Me and my no-dough pizza!

My cute fam

Love my Ricky
More birthday/mother's day posts to come.  I got spoiled rotten!


Liz Smith said...

you so deserved to be spoiled. so fun! glad you had a great birthday and am looking forward to the rest of your posts. :)

Kade and Kaylee said...

I wish I could have celebrated with you :( Aren't massages the BEST! I can't believe you've never had one before. You deserve it! I love ya! Happy birthday Girl!!

Jessica said...

Go glad you got some "you" time and got spoiled for a few days!!!

Kelli Haub said...

Happy Birthday Luv! You can tell Carly she's welcome to give me a massage for my birthday too. ;) They really are the BEST!

Todd Family said...

I was thinking about you all day! I LOVE having my birthday on the 10th too! We sure are lucky!! You are so up to date on that posting! good job!! So happy you got some alone time! sounds like you had a blast! happy belated birthday and mother's day!