Monday, May 14, 2012

My Nightmare

We interrupt the birthday posts for a very important announcement.  Daci Paras Roberts decided to take scissors to her hair at 8:30am on Monday, May 14th.  Her mother almost died of a heart attack when she observed the result. After hours of hysteria and an emergency run to the stylist, everyone seems to have survived the incident.  We all hope and pray this never happens again.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is all I have to say about this! Actually, I have a lot more to say about this.  Here is the story:

I was upstairs with the babies, Daci was downstairs watching a show, I thought (please don't judge, I already feel guilty enough!).  I wake up from a text from Carly saying she wanted to go to the park.  I was texting her back when Daci walks in to my room.  I look at her and something tells me that she looks different.  I can't put my finger on it, as I am still a little bit groggy.  I blink my eyes a few times, and look at her again.  She seems fine, happy even. She has this really proud smile on her face.  I look her up and down.  When I get to her head I let out a terrified yelp.  I put my hands to my face and start sobbing.  Seriously, I can't even explain the weird noise that was coming out of my mouth.  Apparently, Daci couldn't either because she started laughing hysterically.  "It's funny, huh Mom!?"  I say through the sobs and the tears, "NO, Daci! It's NOT funny! Mommy is crying!"  Daci said, very matter of factly, "Don't worry mom, it will grow back!" This sends me into a fresh fit of hysteria.  I call Carly and am trying to get the words out.  I must have sounded like someone was dying because she yells, "Kori, I'll be right over!"  I sit upstairs with Daci, crying my eyes out, the guilt is just crushing me.  I can't go downstairs because I can't bear to see the freshly cut hair all over the floor.  Carly knocks at the door.  I run down the stairs, trying as hard as I can to avert my eyes.  But, alas, I see the remains of Daci's beautiful locks and I lose it all over again.  Carly enters.  Gives me a horrified look and takes over, as I seem to be frozen in my body.  

She starts brushing all of the hair into a pile and I finally give in.  Theres not much I can do about it, so I do what every good scrapbooker does, I pull out my camera and go snap happy.  I then call my friend, and Daci's hairstylist, Ashley.  We rush over and she did what she could for Daci's hair.  Daci was a gem.  She just sat there and let Ashley do her magic.  Ashley did a great job, especially with what she had to work with.  Daci ended up with VERY short hair, and there are still spots that are even shorter from where Daci cut.  I am so sad to see Daci's hair gone.  I guess I will just have to remember what Daci said, "Don't worry mom, it will grow back!"

PS For those of you who are wondering, she cut her hair with child proof scissors, we have all our normal scissors put up :)

There was much more than this strewn about on the carpet, this is just what landed on the mat.

Front view

left side
right side
Back view

Right before we left for Ashley's, she doesn't seem very remorseful, does she?

In the chair, waiting for the first snip

I still can't get over how much she chopped!

The back view

The first cut

Slowly working on all the uneveness

Gotta love that huge chop on the front....Wow, Dac, you sure know how to make it look as bad as possible!

And, the after.  Attempting to make this very short hair look girly :)

All the hair we had to chop off at Ashley's 

Daci's first glimpse of her new hair....she seems pretty proud

The photo we sent to dad and the grandmas.......still seems proud.  Grrr.
This has been such a fear of mine forever.  I always worry Daci is going to cut her hair off.  We got her child proof scissors a few weeks ago and she is such a good cutter!  She will cut out around pictures and things.  We always have talks that she ONLY is allowed to cut paper.  I never said, "Don't cut your hair", because I didn't want to put the idea in her mind, maybe I should have.  Anyway, I guess what makes me most sad is that Daci has always had difficult hair.  At 18 months old she was still pretty much bald.  Then it finally started growing in, but it grew in as a mullet.  The front just didn't grow.  Pretty much her bangs grew, and her mullet grew.  The front sides didn't grow much though.  The mullet finally got bad enough that a month and a half ago, I sent her to Ashley to get her very first hair cut.  I knew that it was finally time for a cute style, she needed to get everything evened out.  The haircut was DARLING and I was so excited to have Daci's hair finally grow into beautiful locks :)  Whelp, goes to show you that you shouldn't be so vain, right?  Here is a tribute to what Daci's hair used to be....

Here's to starting anew!  Can everyone please say their prayers that her hair grows back fast?!  Thanks :)


Kelli Haub said...

Oh my heavens... she really went to town! Well, I think she looks adorable with her new pixie cut. If it's any consolation (which I'm sure it won't be) I cut my hair into a pixie at least 3-4 times as a kid. So brace yourself, this may not be the last time. :)

marie said...

oh my goodness! thanks for posting that! I feel bad saying this, but it gave me a good laugh! Probably something that will give you a good laugh as well down the road. Looks like Daci wanted to have her hair in a mullet again. Cute new pixie cut!

Carly said...

Are you laughing yet?? Haha still can't believe it, that picture with the headband though is so cute! What a fiasco, cute little stinker:)

LauraJ said...

Oh Kori! I loved the way you told the story - please don't mind me saying that it gave me a good laugh, but it also made me put my child proof scissors up high! I showed the picture to Kate and she had lots to say... I hope this doesn't give her any ideas!

Good thing Daci's so cute - she makes any haircut look adorable! Wouldn't it be nice to have a "dull" day once in a while? Major bummer you couldn't make it to the park... ;) Thank goodness for Carly!

Liz Smith said... are no words. I am so glad your heart didn't stop and that you are still with us. Luckily she is still darling and i'm sure you are fully stocked in bows, headbands, cute dresses, and all things girly to balance things out. :P I'm pretty sure mothers everywhere are now hiding their scissors. lol.

Brenda said...

Oh my sweet Kori! You are one of the best bloggers I know, and I love coming to your blog. Daci has such a great attitude about what she did, and I am so glad you took pictures! She looks absolutely adorable in that pixie cut!

Todd Family said...

You definitely will look back at this and laugh...I'm sure of it!! But yea...those pics don't look too remorseful so I'm pretty sure this won't be the last. hide those scissors or anything sharp enough to cut! :) love you!

Karen Pedersen said...

I still can't believe she did it. Little toad.

amcgrew said...

Oh Kori, I can only imagine your sadness but...some day you will look back at this and laugh (easy for me to say, right?!). I am so proud of you for taking photos. You are a TRUE scrapper!
Hang in there and have FUN making Daci's hair fancy with the fun headbands you make so well!

Carly said...

Just stopping back again to look at the Joe Dirt mug shot....ok got my fix. Will probably be back again in a few hours:)

Nicole Norris said...

I have to admit that that is the WORST hair cutting story I have every seen. Daci you did an impressive job! I think it is a right of passage as a mom to have at least one child cut their own hair. Congrats to you. You have passed another milestone as a mother.

Karen Pedersen said...

Just re-read this post and I finally was able to laugh. That (as Carly said) "Joe Dirt Mugshot" truly is hilarious. If I'm laughing today, maybe you will tomorrow.

Jared and Patricia said...

I feel guilty to admit that I laughed out loud at my computer....her un-even hair with her adorable smile...I just couldn't hold it in!!! How could so much trouble be so cute at the same time?!!! I'm so sorry, Kori! But, I agree with the rest that her new hair cut is so stinkin' cute! I really like it...I think it matches her spunky little personality :) Love you!

Mary, Brandon, & Madelyn said...

Oh, I am so sorry! That is tragic in my opinion. I'm sure somday you will laugh at this and be so grateful that you got the camera shots right after she cut her hair. I'm super impressed you were composed enough to do this. And why is our first response as a mom guilt? Do not feel guilty! There is no mom out there who hasn't let their kid watch a show or read books to get a quick snooze or the laundry done. You should not feel guilty at all.

Pam Klassen said...

Are you laughing yet? Love the mugshot and Daci said it best - IT WILL GROW BACK! :)

Rhett and Tiffanie Jackson said...

OH NO!!!! I feel your pain, my 2nd daughter at age 4 years (now 10) did much the same with her hair only she had really long thick hair and she chopped it in spots some lengths as long as 14"... i too sobbed my eyes out and went slightly hysterical...she too had a nice little scalp cut in the front...(why do they do that!) my sis in-law evened it as much as she could (a funky layered look) with the scalped part we just let it grow... ugh! then when my 3rd was 3 she was at my brother's house and i get a phone call saying they had cut each other's hair... and Val's cousin had cut her pony tail off (the ones you put at the TOP of the head!) yeah, scalped right in the about 4" diameter!she had super short hair for a long time... however it grew back MUCH thicker.. so I will hope for you this was a "good" hair cut moment! lol.... someday you will look back and chuckle, maybe not for a while though! :)

Abrahao said...

Finally read this post...She is so funny, she had a smile on her face the whole time! You are so funny, I love how detailed you are of the event lol She is so lucky she is beautiful...She is pulling off the short hair