Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I woke up on Mother's Day to a breakfast of Gluten Free German Pancakes that Rick made for me.  Mmmm!  They were so good!  He is so good to me.  We all went to church for the first time since the babies got RSV.  It was a nice meeting, but I have to say, the last time we all went the babies were still little enough that they could sleep through everything.  Now, it is much more difficult to take them!  They are wide awake and restless during the meetings now.  After church we went over to Carly and Micah's for a BBQ.  We made the J-Dawg's special sauce for our hot dogs and it was amazing! We also had a yummy salad and cowboy caviar with chips.  For dessert Carly made cookies and got me a gluten free cupcake for my birthday treat.  It was such a wonderful day!  Looking back at these pics makes me want to cry because it was the last day Daci still had her hair!  She looks so dang cute!  She still looks cute now, of course, but I sure wish she hadn't chopped off her hair!

Gluten Free German Pancakes, made by Rick

Daci loves Germans!

Mommy Photo Shoot with the kids:

I adore being Daci's mommy.  She is such a joy!  She is also a little spit fire that tests my patience!  She is such a smart little cookie and half the things that come out of her mouth completely shock me.  She is very active and loves to hop, jump, and spin around.  She is also not the most coordinated little girl at the moment.  She is constantly tripping and falling down.  I think she is still trying to grow into her tall, gangly limbs :) She is the most amazing big sister to her babies.  She loves them so much and is always wanting to hold them and play with them.  I just love my doodle bug.  I'm so glad that she is such an independent and strong-willed child....most of the time :)

She is really into striking poses lately :)

Such a cheese ball :)

Oh my sweet Livvi.  Such an easy baby and I absolutely love being her mom.  She smiles Even if she is sad (which is very rarely), she is smiling.  She'll start to cry, and I'll start talking and smiling at her and she will give me this huge goofy grin through her tears and then go back to her sad face.  Its like she can't help it :) She is such a little chunker and we just laugh over her rolls and her thunder thighs.  Seriously love this rolly polly.  I hope she always keeps her sweet, and easy going temperament.

And my man, Street.  Such a handsome little bugger.  He is a handful and a stinker, but secretly I adore that about him.  When I was a teacher I had such a soft spot for the naughty little boys....I have that same soft spot for my high maintenance little boy :)  He has such a hold on my heart and I just love him to pieces.  I keep telling myself that maybe I just have to go through the hard phase with him now, and then he will be easy the rest of my life.  Here's to hoping right?  Even though he can be a pill, he also has really sweet moments as well.  The way he looks at me and gives me his crooked little grin just melts my heart.  I love being his mommy!

My beautiful kids

Daci LOVES her babies! We were taking a shot of me with the kids and Livvi and I looked horrible but Street and Daci looked so cute that I had to crop it and save it

The BBQ:
The boys grilling and playing with the kids

My cute fam

My birthday cupcake.  Yum!


Melissa M. McCoy said...

You guys seriously are probably the most gorgeous family ever! Your children are so beautiful...glad you had a good mother's day/birthday, You deserve it!

Karen Pedersen said...

The last day with hair photos of Daci made me a little teary-eyed, I must admit. The rest made me teary-eyed for a good reason...I love you all!

Jessica said...

Aren't you so glad you had that little photo shoot! Perfect timing! I'm glad you got that in before she got ahold of those scissors 😉 she still looks so cute! She rocks her work well!
And you sisters rock the cutest lip stick ever!! I need to go get some!

Carly said...

Hot dogs again, soon??