Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fun, Fun, Fun!

We are so grateful for friends!  Daci went and played with her friend, Ty Ty the other day and had a blast!  Stephanie is super mom and tried a bunch of fun things she saw on Pinterest.  Daci had a blast and talked about her visit to Ty's house for days afterward!
very focused!

What a fun idea!  I love that she put a bunch of little finger foods in the cupcake pan!

Squirting glue all over the paper

putting the colored "sand" (not quite sure what it was, but it was cool!) on the glue

Their cute little Rock Friends :)
Stephanie said that during Ty's nap Daci asked her to do a photo shoot of her.  What a goof ball!  I love these pics because they PERFECTLY depict Daci's silly personality. She is so full of spunk and not at all shy. She does the funniest/weirdest things and I'm so glad Steph caught them on camera!  Unfortunately, I had my hands full that morning and didn't get Daci's hair done.  Boo :(

One of her weird she seriously biting the wall!?

This is TOTALLY Daci she will be silly and goofy and then pull this face all the time.

Seriously, WHERE did she learn this pose?! Ha!

This is also a typical Daci face when she is being goofy :)
We also had my niece, Eleni's birthday party this week.  We are so grateful to have these guys close to us!  Carly did an AMAZING job on the Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party.  I have MANY more pics but I will do them in a different post.  Here are just a few.

A bunch of Daci's friends: Ty, Eleni, Cailyn are on the blanket. Ashlyn is standing by the table. And Maggie, Joseph, and Kate are sitting at the table with Daci.

Birthday Girl with her amazing cake that Carly made!
And here are some of my friends!  We had a girls night the other night, celebrating mine, and two other girls' bdays.  Not everyone could make it but this is quite a few of the girls that I hang out with out here.  Love them!
 Once again, I have a few iPhone pics.  I'm so glad to have my phone!  Its so fun to catch the everyday things that I don't have time to grab my camera for.  The quality definitely isn't as good as my  SLR camera, but its fun to catch the candid moments!

Daci and her good friend, Kate.  They were behind the bushes at the park and when I snuck up on them Daci said, "Mom!  We found a magic beanstalk!" 
My loves
Morning time is my favorite (other than I am still struggling to get my eyes open)! The babies eat on my bed and then Daci hops up with us and we all play and snuggle.  The babies are always really happy after their long nights sleep.

This week has been so much fun watching the twins notice each other and interact. Livvi just thinks Street is a crack up! She will smile and giggle while he talks.  Do you ever wonder if they know what each other is saying? I do!
Daci just adores these two!
Street is being much more smiley!  I'd say he started giving a few smiles here and there at 12 weeks and now (15 weeks) he gives quite a few.  He still cries a bunch but at least I can tell he is happy sometimes cuz he is finally giving us smiles!  Another accomplishment for Street:  he is giving me at least 8 hours at night.  From 7 to about 3am and then back to bed again until about 7.  Well the last two nights he went 10 hours!  7pm-5am.  It was amazing.  I'm sure now that I have written it down, it will jinx me, and I'll be up all night tonight :)

LOVE this nose crinkle smile!

Livvi has had quite the accomplishment as well.  She HATES tummy time.  She is also the laziest baby around :)  She refuses to lift her head.  Well this week, because she is so lazy, she decided to work....I know, doesn't make much sense :)  But, she rolled over!  She rolled about a week ago by accident and then a few days ago she rolled twice but i didn't count it because I think it was a fluke.  She was just lucky to have her arm in the right place, at the right time.  Oh, and be screaming hard enough that she forced her body over :) But, two  nights ago, she did it four times in a row, on purpose!  She figured it out.  I am in total shock that she figured it out before Street!  Street rolled the other night too, but hasn't repeated it so I think it was a fluke as well.  Here is a video of her rolling:

PS Don't mind Street crying, its kinda just common place around here ;) Also, don't mind my crazy baby talk!


Kelli Haub said...

So many fun things! I love your fun little family and I'm so happy you have such a big group of friends out there. P.S. Sorry I missed your birthday. I'm so bad at that. Happy (late) Birthday! I hope it was wonderful! -Kell Bell

Kate W. said...

LOVE the pics of Street smiling!! SO cute! Also love the one of the Street and Livvi looking at each other -- you can totally tell that they're "talking" to each other!! And Daci -- such a cutie! I love that she asked for her own "photo shoot!" :)

Karen Pedersen said...

What a sweet friend you have to take Daci when Street was feeling so yucky. I love the photos. I am dying I'm not there to see the smiles in person. Carly, as usual, outdid herself on the cake. I've always wanted to do a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" party.

Liz Smith said...

i love all these pictures, especially the ones of daci....she is so funny and cute!!

Steph said...

I just LOVED spending the day With Daci!!!! She is such a doll! I love trying new projects out on her and Ty! Haha! Love those kiddo shots. Precious!