Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flashback and Flash Forward

I just want to give a shout to my awesome parents.  It is their 27th Anniversary today!  I love them so much and am so grateful that they how been such a wonderful example of what a marriage is.  They were married in the temple and they continue to love and honor each other and their covenants today.  Love you guys!!

Their engagement announcement photo, so cute and SO 80's :)

They were married in the Salt Lake City Temple

Here they are 27 years later!

Well technically this photo was taken 26 1/2 years later

and this one was taken 25 1/2 years later :)
Today is also one of my bestest friends' wedding anniversary.  I will always remember the day she got married, because it is my parent's anniversary!  Trish is the farthest on the right, this was taken when we were roommates in college.  Love ya, Trish!

And since we are doing a bit of a flashback, here is Rick and I dancing at Trish's reception.  Aw, we were such babies!

Another fun thing that happened on May 3rd was Daci's blessing!  May 3rd is a big day for us, I guess!

Flash forward to current news....the babies are sick again.  Gr!  Just with a cold, but my little man, Street is struggling with it.  When we were in Utah and we went to see the Dr. she told us she was pretty positive he has asthma, which would explain why he keeps getting sick.  His immune system is more susceptible to illness with asthma.  After last night I am 100% sure he has it.  Poor guy screamed all night long.  He just sounded so scared and panicked cuz he wasn't getting the air he needed :(  He would get right on the verge of sleep and then wake up in a panic because he wasn't breathing well.  Between 12:30am and 6am I bet Street and I got about an hour of sleep.  Boo!  And poor Liv kept getting up with all the crying so she didn't get much sleep either. As I was up with a sad baby I was researching asthma. Some of the symptoms were that they have a hard time getting a bottle down because they are breathing so fast.  When Street is sick, he sputters and chokes on his whole bottle.  It is the saddest thing!  Another symptom is that they are sweaty and clammy.  Rick and I have always commented on how clammy Street's hands and feet are, so that makes sense.  And last night he was just drenched in sweat, and it wasn't even that warm in the room, in fact I had the fan going full blast for him.  Poor guy! I gave Street a treatment this morning and it seemed to do a world of good and he and Liv just woke up from a 4 hr nap!  I'm so glad they got some if only I could have as well :)  The joys of being a mother :)

My little guy. I think we have a lot more of these treatments ahead of us!
After his treatment I set him in the bumbo and put Liv on the bed while I brushed my teeth.  When I came back out they were just staring deep into each other's eyes and she was squeezing his foot.  It was so precious!  It looked like she was trying to comfort him.  These two really haven't paid much attention or even noticed each other until the last two weeks or so.  Its been so fun to see them take an interest in each other.  I hope they are good friends!

Yesterday I just had to get out...and I'm pretty sure Daci did too!  We went with Carly and Eleni to downtown Naperville, got a Red Mango, and hung out at Barnes and Noble where the girls love to play with the train table and look through books.

We went to the park this week and I got the babes all bundled up in their matching sweat suits.  I always wanted to dress my twins alike but I can't justify buying new clothes for Liv when she has all of Daci's old clothes.  Penny's friend gave us these outfits and I just loved that they matched :)


Liz Smith said...

your parents are so cute! happy anniversary to them! so sorry street is sick again. i hope he gets better soon!

Kate W. said...

Ha! Thanks for sharing the photos of your folks -- LOVE your mom's big 80s hair!! Pretty sure that's not a pic I've seen at team meetings, LOL! So cute. And sending prayers up for your little guy -- being sick is no fun, especially when you can't tell people what's wrong. Good thing he as an awesome mama!

Jared and Patricia said...

This is such a fun, and cute post! Happy Anniversary to Dan and Karen! Yahoo! Thanks, Kori...Love you, too :)

Karen Pedersen said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Jared too, Trish! THANKS (NOT) for sharing my 80's hair, Kori. Kate, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT tell anyone about that photo. I know where to find you if you do. Love you, Kori! Thanks for your sweet words. Give those babies and our little Daci hugs from Grandma.

Kelli Haub said...

Do they make that cute cardigan Livi is wearing in my size? I love ya and miss ya.

Ty and Ash Sorensen said...

Those babes are too cute~ Love those matching outfits! I am so sorry they are sick again. No fun! Joys of motherhood- no sleep ever!! I have a few breakdowns about it haha!!