Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Festivities


While Rick and I were in Texas, our ward had Trunk or Treating.  Rick's parents got Daci all ready and they went to the Ward Party with Carly, Micah and Leni.

Daci and Leni before the Party
Daci and her Papou

Princess Peach
Trick or Treat!

Fred with his two granddaughters


We had so much fun on Halloween!  I'm glad I got to experience this with Daci before I went on bedrest.  The whole day she couldn't stop talking about how she would be a princess that night and go trick or treating.  She kept saying, "I be a princess, mommy be mario, and daddy be 'weeji' and we go trick or treating!" 

This dress used to be Daci's Aunt Sophie's dress when she was young.  When Daci was in Utah last month she found it and instantly fell in love with it!  Sophie was sweet enough to let her take it home with her and she has lived in it ever since.  I cleaned it up really nice for Halloween and got her some gloves, a crown and a wand.  She was so excited!
Princess Peach has very flipped out hair so I sprayed Daci's hair really well with hairspray and went to town.  She ended up with some very 70's looking hair, but after a little while it loosened up a bit and looked so cute.

Luigi and Princess Peach

Daci LOVED trick or treating!  She would march right up to the door, ring the bell, and yell "TRICK OR TREAT!" before anyone even opened the door :)

We went to visit our friends the Jaynes', they had a bunch of people from the ward there at the same time.

Daci was excited to see her friend, Kate

Mario and Princess Peach

Then we went to visit Carly, Micah and Leni. Rick downloaded the SuperMario Brothers theme song to his phone and everytime we went up to a door to trick or treat he would play it.  When we got to Carly and Micah's house he put it on and Daci had a little dance party :)

Mario and Luigi save Princess Peach!


Carly said...

The Trunk or Treat-what a crazy night! haha, those girls were so cute and wild that night:) Your costumes couldn't be any cuter!

Karen Pedersen said...

LOVE it! Or as my friend, Jody Peck would say, "Loooooooooooooove it!" (To sound like Jody, be sure to do it in a high, sing-songy voice!)

Mrs. Ham said...

what a cute princess peach! dying at yours and ricks costume! so great! you should just wear the overalls more. they're prob comfy at this point in your pregnancy?!!!

Chelsea and Michael said...

Seriously the best costumes! You are so clever! I should have you figure out something for Michael and I to be next year with Cailyn. LOVE THE PICTURES!

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

I LOVE your costumes! We did almost the same thing last year... Princess Peach (me), Luigi (Darren), and Yoshi (Damon). Great minds really do think alike!

Love ya and miss ya like crazy! I wish I could come hang out with ya during all this bed rest business.