Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Temporary Bedrest...Again

I went in for my OB appt yesterday and I was dilated to a half centimeter. They sent me to labor and delivery to be monitored  because they were worried that maybe I was having minor contractions that were opening me up.  Mostly I think they are just being ultra cautious with me because I am double high risk with twins and lupus. I'm so grateful that I have doctors that watch me so closely and take all the precautions, but it also stresses me out a little :)  I was on the monitor for two hours and I am what they call "irritable", I'm just having little contractions randomly.  They said it could be due to the fact that I had just had an exam, and it could also be due to the fact that I was dehydrated, they weren't positive.  So, they decided to start me on the steroid shots that help the babies' lungs develop quicker in case I do go in to early labor.  They sent me home on modified bedrest (they said I could go to my dr appt I have this morning and thats it) until tonight and then I go back in for more monitoring, my next dose of my shot, a fetal fibronectin test and an exam. 

A part of me is stressed that the babies will come early, but mostly I feel calm and think they are going to make it, it just might be a boring next 10 weeks while I mostly sit on my butt :)  I do these updates mostly for me, I like to keep a record of whats going on in my pregnancy. I promise I am not doing it for sympathy or to worry my friends and family.  I think everything will be great, just keep these little twinners in your prayers :)  Thanks for all your support! I have so many great friends out here that are helping me, and it is the biggest blessing since I don't have family around me. I will post more when I know more!


Jared and Patricia said...

I love that you post updates. Thanks for giving the details...we will keep you all in our prayers. Good luck on bedrest :) I always seem to miss you most on scrapbook days. Call me if you get stir crazy!

Ty and Ash Sorensen said...

I love your post too cause I stalk your blog.. I am having twin boys in Jan! This same thing happened to me just YESTERDAY!! I am not dialated but I am having contractions.. They think its from a infection.. (TMI??) and being dehydrated! They sent me to the hospital to be watched, and had that same test done.. luckily I am ok right now but I am still super nervous! I am hoping the next 10 weeks fly by for us both!! You are super cute pregnant! Can't wait to see your babies!! (in January:)