Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Trip to the Children's Museum

Carly and I took Daci and Leni to the Naperville Children's Museum two weeks ago for a little outing.  The girls absolutely love to go there!  We love to take them there because it is such an educational and interactive environment, and we don't have to do much while we are there...just sit back and enjoy :)  Daci gets this really serious face when she is concentrating.  She rarely smiles when we are doing things like this, she loves it though...I promise!

Playing with the Glowsticks:

Building with Shapes:

Playing in the Music Room:

This is just an area with lots of toys and a little clubhouse.  Daci decided to move a bunch of furniture and toys into the clubhouse and make herself at home :)

Water Painting:

At one point Daci got so frustrated with my camera constantly in her face that she came right up to my face, put both her hands on my cheeks and looked me right in the eye (like I do to her when she is in trouble) and said, "Mom, NO MORE PICTURES!" I couldn't help but tease her after that!  So I kept saying "Daci, Daci, Daci, Daci, Daci..." until she finally looked up at me with an exasperated smile

In the water and wind area:

Trying to pull the bubble up around them, didn't work very well this time :(

In the building area:

Pictures on the big Chair:

And of course, we couldn't finish off our Downtown Naperville trip without our tradition of stopping for a Red Mango with the girls :)


Karen Pedersen said...

Looks like such a fun day. I remember taking you to the Childrens' Museum here in Salt Lake when you were little and that seems like yesterday.

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

SO FUN! That's the coolest place ever! I am so glad Carli lives out there to have fun with you and Daci.