Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rick's Birthday

We had a fun celebration for Rick's birthday this year.  I wasn't able to do much for him since I wasn't supposed to leave sitting position.  I always make him Homemade Oreo Cookies for his birthday and I was so disappointed I couldn't do it this year.  But then, Carly offered to make them for me!  Yay! I spent the day on modified bedrest over at her house. She made the cookies, and I frosted them.  I made this banner using my Cricut (in sitting position :) ) and Carly picked up balloons for me.  We ordered Lou Malnati's Pizza, got an Oberweis Ice Cream Pie, and had Oreo Cookies.  It was all delicious!

Funny Story:  Rick's mom got him a dress shirt from Nordstrom and I was wrapping it earlier in the day.  Daci was watching me and getting so excited for Rick's party.  When Rick walked in the house Daci ran to him, yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!  We wrapped your shirt!  And we made you cookies!"  Oh great, both surprises of the day....ruined :)  Haha!  It was pretty darn cute though.  She was so excited for him!

Eating Lou's pizza

Don't mind me....getting to the scary stage. Yuck.

Opening presents

His amazing Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie from Oberweis

Blowing out his candle

Rick's brother Sam got home from his mission last week and he came out to visit us.....well, I think he mostly came for his cute nieces :)  He adored Daci before he left.  She was 10 months at the time and Carly was pregnant with Eleni so he hadn't even met her yet.  It was so fun to watch him with the girls. Daci was really shy around him for the first few hours but then she warmed right up to him.  She loved playing with him!  He was a big help while he was here.  He and Carly took Daci and Leni to the Children's Museum one morning while I laid in bed :)

I made him a cross-stitch of the Campinas Brazil Temple (he served in Vitoria, Brazil) and gave it to him while he was here.  

And for good measure...a pregnancy pic.  I am 28 weeks here.  I'm slowly but surely getting there :)
Of course Daci had to be in the pic, its getting harder for her to peek out from under my bump!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Rick! Glad you still were able to enjoy his birthday with him. I love how cute Daci is! Kids are just so excited about giving presents. Addy has told several times.

Ashley said...

Sounds so fun! I am so glad that Carly is here to help you make the oreos ;-) Girl- hang in there. I can't imagine what it's like being on bed rest- but healthy babies are worth anything! call me when you have little emergencies or you need help- especially while Carly is gone. I'm close!

Liz Smith said...

oh my gosh, i am soooo behind! i just finished catching up on all your posts. bummer about the bedrest! but i am glad that everything is going well with the babies and that they are still hanging out where they should be. I am excited for saturday and a chance to catch up, although I hope it's not too much fun....don't want to send you to the hospital again like we did at your shower! :P take care, and let me know if there is anything you need from me! I'd be happy to run errands for you or if you need anything from the store, etc, just send me a text.

Jami West said...

Happy Birthday to Rick! You are such a sweet sweet wife to get all this done while trying your best to stay on bedrest! It looks like a fun time. And that picture of the temple turned out beautiful for his brother!

Todd Family said...

So much fun!! And you look fabulous I might add! How much fun for you to have twins! weird to think that they technically do come early too! :) maybe we'll be having our babies around the same time! :)