Thursday, November 3, 2011


I was on bedrest all day yesterday.  I went into the hospital again last night and they monitored the babies and I for an hour.  I didn't have one contraction while I was there.  They gave me my second round of the steroid shot that speeds up lung development and sent me on my way.  But not without telling me I had to go on modified bedrest.  Pretty much that means getting up only when I have to like to use the bathroom, shower, make food for Daci and I, etc.  I can't really go out anymore or do any hard core cleaning.  I'm pretty bummed about it.  I have so many things I want to do!  They think the exam they did on Tuesday set off the little contractions and are worried that I am already starting so they are being extra careful with me.

On the plus side, I am 27 weeks today! I'm really excited about that.  Even better, the babies are extremely healthy.  When I went in for my growth ultrasound last week Baby Boy was 2lb 1 oz and Baby Girl was 1 lb 15 oz.  The doctor said that they are right on track.  At this point, they are the same size that just one baby would be in there, he said they start to taper off and get a little smaller than a singleton would be at about 32 weeks.  I had a fetal echocardiogram done on them yesterday and my pediatric cardiologist said their hearts are beautiful.  Everything is structurally perfect and functioning just like it should.  The bright spot on the little girl's heart that they saw early on is barely visible anymore.  It is fading just like they though it would.  They are VERY active babies.  Every time I go to an appointment the nurses and doctors say they are really busy and make their jobs difficult for them :)  I tell them that they are making my job difficult as well, but I do LOVE feeling them move and seeing my belly bounce around like popcorn.  I am so grateful that they are doing so well and that I have doctors that are very thorough and concerned with both the babies health and mine.

I'm also grateful for such a concerned hubby.  Rick has been so great to help out with Daci and the house and to show his love and concern for me.  The downside of his doting is that he insists that I am on full bedrest, not just modified :)  Its making me very frustrated :)  I'm grateful he is worried though and I know without him insisting, I would probably be overdoing it.

Hopefully I won't have too many eventful pregnancy posts in the next little while.  I will be sure to post something more fun tomorrow.  Like Halloween pics!


Emily said...

so happy to hear things are looking good! i can't imagine having to go on bedrest, so i understand your frustration. but hopefully it will prevent those 2 little cuties from getting here too terribly early. keep us updated, and hang in there!!

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

So glad things are going a little better. Hope you dont go crazy in the next little while. I will be going crazy as well, just on the other extreme of being a little to busy. Thanks for the update

Karen Pedersen said...

I'm with Rick. Stay still!