Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Little Girl

This little girl can go from sweet..... sassy...... a matter of moments!

And I wouldn't have it any other way :)  Although some days I wish she would just be one of those angelic, sweet little kids that listen to every word their mother says and does whatever is asked of them. But then I remember that I love that she has such a fun and spunky personality.  She is always surprising me with what comes out of her mouth and the new creative games she comes up with.  She has SUCH a wild imagination.  She is so hilarious at bedtime.  Rick and I will turn the volume off on the TV and just listen to her up in her bed.  She is hysterical.  She sings the top of her lungs....and it is just a constant stream of talking and singing when she is in her bed.  She makes up the funniest stories and adventures for her dolls and stuffed animals.

We definitely have our hard moments.  Like when she flat out says, "No" when I ask her to pick something up, or when she walks in the other direction when I tell her to do something, or when she says, "Calm down, Mom" and rolls her eyes when I get upset with her.  Seriously, where is she learning all of this!?

But I love my spunky little girl and am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent her to me.  I was the complete opposite of her as a child: quiet, obedient and eager to please.  Heavenly Father knew I needed someone to test my patience, I guess :) Love you Daci Bug!

Some things she is doing lately:
-Biting her nails....just her right pointer finger. Ugh
-Getting out of her bed to turn her light on and then running back.  She is so obsessed with having the light on!  The other morning when Rick's alarm went off at 5am there was light flooding into our room.  He went to tell her to get back in bed, that it was still too early to get up, and she was sound asleep in her bed.  She had gotten up in the middle of the night, turned it on, and went back to bed.  What a goober.
-She will randomly walk up to me and say "Howd'ya dooooooin?" It always makes me laugh.  Even when I am mad at her :)
-She loves getting her picture taken all of a sudden.  Every time I have the camera out she asks for one.
-She has recently become obsessed with the show Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix.  One day she was playing on our iPad, stumbled upon it, and asked to watch it.  Now she is hooked.  And now she knows how to turn on an episode by herself, so if the iPad is left out, Strawberry Shortcake is on.
-She also loves Little Einsteins and can sing the whole theme song by herself
-She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse too
-She knows all the songs on the radio.  We get in the car and she immediately starts singing along, pretty crazy to hear her singing the words to grown up songs.
-She LOVES to play at other people's houses.  Since I went on bedrest she has been playing at a lot of her friends houses.  She loves it so much that she yells at me to let her go back when she gets home.  Sigh.
-She loves to watch me bake and cook.  She pulls up a chair to the counter everytime I start making something.
-She insists on sitting in the back of the cart when we go shopping
-She loves to put all of the groceries up on the belt for me at the store


Karen Pedersen said...

I giggled through this entire post. Every mother has to have one sassy child. Maybe the twins will be mellow. One can always hope...

Emily said...

kids and their personalities are the best :) i think they are fun when they are wild and sassy. i don't think i'd know how to handle a "calm" child ;)