Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Pictures!

While we were in Utah we did family pictures with my family because the WHOLE family was finally together!  Its been a long time since the whole family was together my brother, Dawson leaves on his mission in a few months.  One of my BFF's from high school, Kelli, took the pics for us.  We had this beautiful place picked out to do the photos but it started raining RIGHT before we were ready :(  We were sooo bummed!  We had to improvise and take the pictures in Daysha's house.  After we had done all the pics it stopped raining!  We had about 20 minutes before the lighting was too bad outside to take any so we ran out to Daysha's backyard (which luckily it is gorgeous!) and started all the way over again :)  I'm glad it stopped raining because we got some great pics!  Thanks, Kel!

Inside Pics:
Dawson, Dan (my dad), Karen (my mom), Tannon, Me, Easton

I love how this candid picture shows how much fun we my brothers and I have together

My three awesome brothers

Dawson, Tannon, Easton

All the boys

Rick and I (duh :) )



Daci Doodle

Outside Pics:
Rick, Street, Daci, Me, Livvi, Tannon, Dad, Mom, Dawson, Easton, Daysha

My amazing parents

This perfectly describes our personalities.  I take things WAY too seriously and my brothers don't take anything seriously enough :) I didn't know they were doing this behind me :)

The Boys

The girls

Easton and Daysha
Such a cute couple

My family.  I am SO blessed

Beautiful Daci

Full of personality

My munchkins

Love this pic.  Shows how sweet and protective she is of her babies

Street and Livvi <3 br="br">


Karen Pedersen said...

I was sooooooo sad it rained and we couldn't go with our original plan, but I think we got some good pics anyway with Plans B and C.

Liz Smith said...

i love love love your pictures!!!!! i can't believe your original location got rained out. i never would have guessed that where you had them wasn't planned; it's so beautiful! my favs are the one of you and rick, you guys are SO cute together, and definitely the one of you with your brothers acting all goofy...haha!! that's priceless! and the pics of your kiddies?! so darling. and your brothers are cuties. props to your parents for giving all of you such awesome genes! :P such a beautiful family!

Ty and Ash Sorensen said...

Cutest pictures:) Your little fam is perfect!!

Todd Family said...

these pics are so cute!!! glad you got it all together even though it wasn't the exact plan!

Chelsea and Michael said...

Love them! Daci looks like a little mom in the last one on the well. So cute! You guys are GORGEOUS!

Marie said...

Such cute pictures! You are all so photogenic! What a darling family you have, both generations :)