Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The people and places we love

 More from Utah!  We took advantage of every moment we had there.  Seriously those three weeks were jam packed with fun, family and friends!

Our little fam with Rick's Grandma and Grandpa Roberts

Like I said in the last post, Daci loves the "barn park".  She will drag anyone and everyone over there, and when I say drag I'm not exaggerating :)
Papou pushing Daci

Daci pushing Papou....such a good sport :)

Chasing Yia Yia on the tramp

Daci also adores my grandma.  We went and spent a few hours at her house in American Fork one day.  Tannon also came to hang out!

She loves her GG

Rolling acorns down the slide :)

Tannon and Liv

Street and Tannon
 Rick did a lot of golfing while we were out there.  He would go practice his swing in the backyard and the babies loved watching :)

My brother Easton plays for SUU, they had a game up in Logan against Utah State.  We stopped at Maddox in Brigham City (LOVE) on the way up, we met Rick's old mission companion and his wife and baby there.  Great food and great friends! Then we headed up to Logan. I went to Utah State my freshman year so it was fun to visit Logan again!  We went to my old apartment and drove around some of the places I went to all the time.  It was so much fun!

My old apartment! We used to call it "Ghetto Bridgerland"...right, Kaylee?!

Back at the old stadium....much nicer and newer since I was there!

E is #88 for SUU

Me with my Grandma and Grandpa Overstreet

This guy is one of my dad's best friends from college.  His name is Troy and he is crazy...but we love him!

Daysha and I

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After the game with mom.  E got knocked in the head during this game.  We are pretty sure he had a slight concussion here :)

E with his father in law, Daysha, and two of her sisters

One day my friend, Ashley came over.  She had twin boys the day before me!  It has been so much fun comparing notes with her since the babies were born and now we finally got to get our babies together! So crazy seeing all those kids together :)

Daci immediately loved Ashely and just had to sit on her lap the whole time :)

Daysha got to come back up from Cedar while we were there and invited us over to her parents house to swim!  Daci was absolutely terrified the whole time.  Was freaking out.  Kinda killed our buzz :)  Oh well, funny thing is she hated being in the water, was so afraid her head would go under water, but then she jumped off the diving board like it was no big deal!  She is crazy :)

Rick with his girls

Our little fam

Liv LOVED the water!

Rick with Liv and Daci basically strangling Daysha :)

Funny story: Daysha got Street to balance on the board and was pretty pleased with herself :)  One second later the board tipped and he was under the water!  Don't worry Daysha was quick as a cat and got him back up before any of us could blink.  Hahaha!  It was pretty funny.  Street was so confused with what happened that he didn't even cry :)

Right after Aunt Daysha saved him :)

Daci getting ready to jump.  She said, "Don't let my head go under the water, Dad!"

He sacrificed himself to save her head from going under water :) She was pretty pleased with herself!
My brother, Dawson, plays football for the Springville Red Devils.  I got to see a few of his games.  I miss watching my brothers play sports so bad so I was pretty much in heaven this trip!

Tannon, Me and Dawson
Tan and Mom

I know the lighting is horrible in this pic but I love it so much

Again, horrible lighting

We managed to fit in another date of Cafe Rio (duh!) and a movie while we were at it :)

I sure hope you aren't sick of Utah festivities because we have a lot more to come :) Stay tuned!


Ty and Ash Sorensen said...

Looks like such a fun vacation!! You guys were so busy:) I am so glad we got together.. but I am mad that we didn't get a picture of me and u with those babies! I love Daci!! She is the cutest ever. and seriously you are one hot mama!! Can't wait to play again (next time)!!

Karen Pedersen said...

What a fun post. I can't believe 3 weeks came and went so quickly. Love you!

Liz Smith said...

i LOVE your pink pants!!! you're hot!

Melissa M. McCoy said...

Daci in the pool is hilarious! Macie has the same swimming suit :)

Todd Family said...

wow! you had an incredible trip!!! and so fun you got to see logan!! oh the memories!!

Kade and Kaylee said...

I wish I could've been in Logan with you!! I haven't been back since I graduated in '07! Oh the days of ghetto Bridgerland. We've got both mental and physical scars from that place! haha!