Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Airport

We headed to the airport on Aug. 23.  Tannon's flight was scheduled to arrive at 8pm.  We left the babies at home with Fred and Penny, it would have been way past their bedtime and we wanted this to be an enjoyable experience :)  We took Daci and picked up Tannon's best friend since grade school, Jacob, on the way.  Daci immediately fell in love with Jacob.  The whole car ride she wanted to hold his hand.  She sang to him and flirted with him and wanted him to carry her when we got to the airport :) We met my parents, Dawson, my grandparents, my grandpa, my aunt and uncle and their kids, and my other aunt at the airport.  My brother, Easton and his wife couldn't make it up because they had football and work down in Cedar City so we got him on facetime.  Thank goodness for technology, or I think Easton would have been heart broken that he couldn't have seen him. We all sat around talking, anxiously awaiting Tannon's arrival!

Rick, Jacob, Dawson and Daci waiting and waiting and waiting

Dawson and Daci

Daci all ready with her balloons and sign

Mom and I with our awesome signs we made :)

Grandma, Mom, and Daci

My aunt Gaylyne and Daci
The whole gang (minus me)
Paige, Cindy, Mom, Daws, Steve, Rick, Daci, Gaylyne, Dad, Griffin, Grandma, and my two grandpas chatting in the background :)

Rick and I were the designated photographers :)

Easton on FaceTime

And here he comes!
Lots of yelling and cheering erupted :)

Mom couldn't wait until he got to us, she went a-runnin :)

Aw, mother and son reunited (I think its kinda funny that Starbucks is in the background :))

In my mom's words: "I was doing the ugly cry!" haha
So happy

I got the second hug :)  I HATE this picture....shows how my mom's nagging about my slumping is 100% correct :(  Gotta work on that!

Dad and Tan

So sweet

Dawson and Tannon

Tannon was shocked at how much Daws had grown

Saying "hi" to Easton on FaceTime

Hugs for Grandma

I'm sad this picture turned out blurry :(  Hugs for both grandpas

Hugs for Jacob
Best buds

Daci timidly asking Tannon for a hug :)

Of course!

Didn't take long for her to start talking his ear off :)

Hanging around while he talks with everyone

Daci got sick of waiting and went to get his suitcase :)

So glad he is back!
Its been so great having Tannon back!  I have always been close with my brothers and I really missed him!  He is the same goofy, crazy, and extremely blunt brother that I knew and loved before he left but he has an even stronger testimony, increased faith and a deeper love for the gospel. I'm excited for Dawson to have this same experience that his other two brothers had.....I'm also excited to be done sending missionaries off. That is, until I have to send my own son(s?) off.  Ah!  How do mothers do that!?


Karen Pedersen said...

What a fun post. I loved re-living this day through your photos and words. Yep, sending a son away for 2 years is hard, but watching him come home and seeing the man he has become...priceless! Street might need you to go on his with him though so he can hold on to your leg. HA! I crack myself up.

Liz Smith said...

first of all, LOVE your bro's grey suit. such a stylin' missionary!! ;) I love all of your airport photos, especially the one of your cute mama hugging her son for the first time in two years. SO SWEET! I don't know how mothers can let their babies go for two years. The look on her face says it all. So happy you guys were able to be there for that and seriously, how awesome is facetime?! It has seriously changed my life and i feel so much more connected to family. It's great your bro was able to "be there" thanks for modern technology. :)