Friday, October 26, 2012

9 Months

Well, the big news here is that Street went from looking like this 24/7 to.....

Looking like this for most of the day!!!!!

On October 1st (8 months and 12 days to be exact) he got up on his knees and started crawling (he had been army crawling for about a month) and my whole world changed! About this time his spitting up lessened a lot also, although he still had pretty bad reflux.  I'm not sure if its that he stopped spitting so much, or if its that he got up off his tummy, or if its that he was more entertained with being able to be more mobile, or if its a combination of all of that but...... October 1st will forever go down in history as the day that I regained my sanity :)  I sure do love this little guy, colicky or not, but he is just to die for now that he is happy all day!  

Sorry its blurry....I caught him in action :)

Daci is obsessed with picking up the babies now.  Street was mad when she picked him up, but he was even more mad when she tried to put him down :)  Haha.  He is so temperamental :)
Look at this kids left foot.  It is ALWAYS pointed!  Side note: he has an amazing point :)
This toy shot from a doctor kit is his favorite toy.  Everytime I hold it out for him he gives a giggle and waves his arms.  He crawls around with it in his mouth :)
He also loves to have these rings in his mouth :) 
I've also discovered a game Street loves.  Ocassionally at red lights I will put my forward facing camera on and stick it behind me to see if the babies are awake.  One time Street saw his face and started laughing :)  If I need to keep him awake I just stick the phone back there and he brightens right up (on red lights only, of course).
He is also obsessed with this trash can we keep by the desk.  I can't put anything in it anymore or he will just dump the trash all over the ground!
He also takes after his dad and is obsessed with Apple products.  Always trying to pound on the keyboard and his absolute favorite thing in the world is sucking on those white power cords.  We take them away immediately, of course :)
He loves eating finger foods.  I love to watch him while he does his pincer grasp.  He little brow furrows and he bites his lip :)  That pincer grasp requires a lot of concentration!

Could not for the life of me get a smile from him during his nine month shoot...he was WAY too focused on these pumpkins!

 Street Nine Month Summary:
WEIGHT: 20 lb 1.5 oz (50th percentile)
HEIGHT: 29 inches (75th percentile)
HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE: 17 inches (25th percentile)

-Started crawling on his hands and knees
- Got over his crazy colic stage FINALLY at 8 months 12 days (but who is counting? :-P)
- Has developed a HIGH PITCH scream that he does when he is either excited or wants more food
- Loves to climb the stairs.  One day I walked away for about thirty seconds to get Livvi out of something she wasn't supposed to be doing, I came back in the family room with her and I couldn't find Street.  I had a major panic attack!  Looking around the whole downstairs and couldn't find him. I listened very carefully and could here breathing, I followed it and found him all the way up the stairs!  Little stinker is not only coordinated...he is FAST up those stairs!
- Still loves to be held but is also content playing for long periods of time
-REFUSES to lay still for diaper changes and getting dressed.  He screams and thrashes and twists.  This little bugger is STRONG and it is really hard to change him.  We have to pin his arms down with our feet and he STILL manages to squirm out!
-His fourth tooth just popped today, so a week after he turned 9 months. 
-He loves the shot doctor toy
-He loves rattles
-He loves those connector rings and constantly has one in his mouth
- Obsessed with power cords
- LOVES to play catch!  I seriously can't believe this kid.  He can throw right at you.  He has great aim and a great arm!  We throw it back and forth forever.  He picks it up with his left hand and transfers it to his right hand to throw it every single time. SO cute!
-He still HATES avocados but loves everything else I have given him :)
-Says "da da da" all day long.  Also says "ba ba"
-Loves swinging at the park
-Loves the bath
-Thinks Daci is so funny and gives his best giggles to her

Livvi has been teething a lot this month.  She has four teeth (bottom two and top two) and is working on a fifth. 

She has always been a binkie girl, but even more so since she has been teething on her top teeth.  
She is very cuddly when she is teething :)
Her favorite place to play is at the fridge.  She loves to put the magnets on the fridge and then knock them all off and start over again :) If the magnets aren't low enough for her to reach she yells at me to come get them for her :)
Daci likes to come play with her at the fridge too.  Livvi adores her big sister.  I have a feeling she will be doing whatever Daci does as she grows up.  I sure hope Daci sets a good example!
On October 4th (8 1/2 months old) she stood for the first time.  She lasted eight seconds.  At nine months old she can stand as long as she wants to!  Still no steps...but she has been trying :)
This was a few days after her first time.  Getting sturdier!  Even balanced enough to look around :)
She eats with her foot on the table!  Hahaha!
Daci also loves to pick Liv up...she is heavier than Street and therefore harder for Daci to pick up.  Liv doesn't exactly love it but she is a good sport :)
She is so great at giving kisses....even to herself :) I LOVE Livvi kisses.  She will usually give them when you ask for them, but most often she just plants one on ya when you least expect it.  Melts my heart :)
She absolutely HATES to be confined!  I still have to pump but I can't let them crawl around while I do it, so they get confined to their bouncers :)  She yells at me the WHOLE time!  She also HATES when I gate them into the family room.  She gets so offended :)
She loves to play with this train.  It plays music and she bounces along to it.  SO cute :)
She was also too distracted with the pumpkins to smile for her 9 month photo shoot :)
 Livvi 9 Month Summary:
WEIGHT: 22 lbs 2.5 oz (95th percentile)
HEIGHT: 29 1/2 inches (95th percentile)
HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE: 17 3/4 inches (75th percentile)

-Four teeth
-Still the smiliest baby around, its like she can't help it :)
- LOVES food
- Says "ma ma ma" and "da da da"
-Does this funny fist pump when she is excited
-Loves playing at the fridge with the magnets
- Loves her binkie
- We think she may have a food allergy to plums and apples...she gets red splotches on her head and does a funny pushing movement with her tongue like its itchy when she eats them
- Loves her crib.  She has big fluffy pumper pads and she loves to stand up and then purposely fall backward and land on them :)
-Loves the bath.  She likes to stand up to the faucet, pull out the drain, and crawl all over the place...its quite annoying and quite cute :)
-She follows Daci around everywhere and thinks she is hilarious

-They have become much more interactive!  They do everything together.  They go from spot to spot in my house and destroy it.  I swear they have a language of their own already.  
-They eat 6 oz of breast milk or formula every 4-5 hours
-They eat finger foods like cheerios, puffs, kix, cheese, blueberries, steamed carrots, peas, bananas
-Pureed baby foods: sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, pears, squash, peas, bananas
-Also eat yogurt and cottage cheese
-They are great nappers usually a 2-2.5 hr morning nap and about an 1.5 hr afternoon nap
-Not so great at night still :(  They go down at 6:30 or 7pm and go til about 3am and then back down til 7am.  When they are teething they will occasionally get up at midnight.  It is very frustrating because they are in our bedroom with us still (Boo!) so they wake up and see us and scream at us until we get them.  We are making the transition this weekend though...they are going to go into Daci's room and she will have a sleep over in our room for a few days until we get them trained in her room and then she will go back in with them.  Wish us luck!  I need my sleep back!
-They are so active and so mobile and keep me on my toes constantly but I have LOVED seeing them become little buddies!  I'm so glad they will have a built in playmate for life!

And still no smiles...but aren't they cute!?
Getting into usual!
Playing with cousin Leni and big sister Daci

Conference was very interesting at our house :) Kids climbing ALL OVER ME!

Another pic from Conference

They are obsessed with the door stop.  They flick it as hard as they can and it is SO LOUD!  They also love to dump over this basket that usually has shoes in it.  Ugh.
They LOVE bathtime


Playing in Daci's room.  
Playing at the toy cupboard together
Making dinner together :)

Climbing the stairs (and being naughty) together

They play together and talk to each other during nap time and when they wake up in the morning
When Daci wakes up in the morning she comes to entertain the babies while I pump.  They love her!
Funny Story: After morning naps one day I went in to get them .  I looked at Street and he was standing up to the side of his crib, completely naked and his crib had pee all over it.  "Seriously, Dude!?" I yelled.  Then I look over at Livvi....same thing!  COmpletely naked standing up to the side of her crib only she had peed while standing up so it was ALL OVER her bumper and all over the floor.  UGH!  It was like they had said to each other, "Lets take off our diapers and pee everywhere!  HAHA!  Won't that be funny!?"

They had their first bike ride.  Rick said Livvi LOVED it and Street was worried the whole time :)
We went to the park a few times this week.  They love to sit in the swing together.  Its so fun to see how excited they get!  Daci loves to push them too :)
Yummy finger foods!  And Livvi's famous fist pump.  They sure do love cheese!
Livvi having fun in the swing
Street loves it too!



Karen Pedersen said...

I am so grateful you document all of this on your blog. It's wonderful for grandmas!

Melissa M. McCoy said...

I'm so glad Street is a happy boy now, makes life so much easier! Your kids are adorable, as usual.

Chelsea and Michael said...

Oh my gosh those two are adorable! just love them!

Liz Smith said...

i can't believe how big they are!! They are adorable! I can't imagine how crazy tired you must be, but you are doing an amazing job, mama! good luck with the move into daci's room. i hope you get a night of good sleep soon!

Ashley said...

I can't believe how much they have changed! I am glad Street is much happier and I am sure it makes your life easier! Your babies are adorable! Good luck with the room transition!


I cant believe they are 9 months already! Im so glad street is such a happy boy now! Daci is such a good big sister, one of the many perks of having a girl first!

Todd Family said...

you are so good at documenting! and man, you've got some big babies that's for sure too!!! they are so cute! i absolutely love this stage too!

Jared and Patricia said...

What a happy family :) Your kids are so healthy, happy, and beautiful. You are such a good mom, Kori. Can't wait to see you again in December!