Friday, October 19, 2012

The Rest of Utah!

We road tripped it down to Southern Utah to see Daysha at Tuacahn!  We brought the babies and Daci down and I was really nervous for the 3 1/2 hour drive with the babies but they did great!  They were only fussy for about the last half hour on the way down.  We left them with my aunt and uncle in Cedar and took Daci to see the shows in St. George.  Daysha performed in both Aladdin and Hairspray.  We drove down and saw Hairspray the first night, went back to Cedar City to stay the night and hang out there the next day with Easton and Daysha, and then back down to St. George that night to see Aladdin.  It was a quick but fun filled trip and I'm so glad we did it!  Daci absolutely loves to watch the shows.  I think she might have a dream to be in show biz :)

Tuacahn is set in the middle of some gorgeous red rock!  It is so beautiful there!

Mom and Tannon

Tannon, my mom, Easton

Daci loves her uncles!  We missed Dawson, he had to go to school :(

After the show Daci was star struck.  She seriously acted like Daysha was a movie star.  She was shy and embarrassed and idolizing :)  It was so funny!

All of us were getting such a kick out of Daci.  She followed Daysha around and held her hand but wouldn't make eye contact or talk to her.  SO funny!

Meeting Velma Von Tussle

And Tracey Turnblad!

She was so sweet to Daci!

Penny, Corny Collins, Tracey Turnblad, Link, Daysha and Velma

Silly Girls!

Daysha put her wig on Easton

A few seconds later it fell off and I got their funny reactions :)
The next day we went to visit the SUU campus.  Rick and I have lots of fond memories of Cedar City.  Rick played basketball there and I graduated from there.  It was fun to go visit the arena and the bookstore!  We also drove by our house, which we also loved! After that we went back and I took a little nap while the boys golfed.  When I woke up my fake tooth had fallen out!  So, the next few pics I have a big hole in my mouth.  So embarrassing!  I did the best I could to hide it as much as possible (hence the closed mouth smiles ;) )

We went to dinner at Cafe Rio and got Menchies frozen yogurt (our new fav!) in St. George before the show that night.  Daysha got to come with us too!
The girls!
Bolting (Usain Bolt) with Daci on his shoulders :)

I let Daci pick something out in the gift shop.  Can you tell it was SO hot!  We were all flushed and sweating :)
Big hugs for Daysha after the show!

She adores Daysha...I love this pic!

Tannon looks like a creeper. Ha!

Meeting Jasmine, Aladdin, and Genie

These next two pics are extremely scary of Livvi but it was so hilarious I just have to post them.  We woke up to her licking the walls to her pack and play and it was SO funny to watch.  Seriously haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

On our way back home we HAD to stop at the cheese curd factory in Beaver.  Everyone knows I love cheese and I am completely obsessed with GOOD, FRESH cheese curd!  It definitely didn't disappoint, even though it was about a half hour detour because there was so much construction!  Lets just say Tannon and Rick were NOT very happy with me for making them stop :)

We had one last good bye barbeque with both families the night before we left.  Daci was broken hearted when she realized we had to go back to Chicago :(  She told Rick and I that we could take the babies back and she would stay.  Haha!

The boys played some more catch while Daysha and Daci did some acrobatics :)

Mom and Dad played with the babies

Tannon did what he does best....teased Daci :)

And Daysha worked on stretching Livvi :)  Gotta train 'em young!
Before bed Daci cuddled up with Yia Yia.  She was so sad to have to say good bye :(

That night Rick and I went on a trip down memory lane and looked at a bunch of his mission stuff.  All the pics he had while he was there, his journals, etc.  So fun!

The next morning we found Street like this :)  He was completely stuck, but not upset at all :)
The babies did pretty well on the flight home, luckily it was a direct flight this time! Livvi loved watching out the window!

And thats it for the Utah trip!  PHEW! Thanks for bearing with me through all these posts.  HOpefully it didn't bore you too bad :)


Karen Pedersen said...

AWesome pics. I'm stealing some. Fun memories!


so fun! I bet Daci loved watching those shows! She is so cute! Her hair is getting so long! I bet your trips go by so fast, and it is hard to leave family! You are a champ for traveling with all of them!

Liz Smith said...

i love all your posts!! so fun! i have never been to tuacahn. so beautiful! maybe someday. we used to road trip thru st george all the time on our way from provo to so. cal. not so much anymore. :P i love that you guys went to your old college stomping grounds. I like doing that with Jared too. It's so fun to reminisce and i love the picture of you from rick's mission box. you guys are SO cute!!!!