Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Utah Fun

 Even though my parents moved to Springville while Tannon was on his mission, he left for his mission when they lived in Highland so he got to have a homecoming in our Highland ward.  It was SO much fun going back and seeing all the people from my home ward.  There were so many wonderful people that had such an impact on me growing up that I was able to see.  It was also great seeing all of my extended family!  After the homecoming we had a dinner at Daysha's parent's house in Alpine.  It was so much fun seeing everyone play with Daci and the babies.

My grandpa Pedersen with Livvi

My aunt and uncle and cousin with Street

This is a familiar scene, Street demanding everyone's attention :)

My pretty Mama

My cousin with Daci.  She played with her all day and Daci absolutely adores her!

My great grandma with Liv.  Liv was obsessed with everyone's jewelry!

Liv and my grandma Overstreet

My amazing GG

Mom, GG and I

Love this pic of Street and Daysha

My mom, cousin Paige, and aunt Andrea

My dad and Liv

We got to celebrate my mom's birthday with her!  We drove out to Springville and did a dinner for her with my dad and brothers (minus Easton and Daysha).

Daci made grandma a pretty sign

The moment we got there she cuddled up with Tannon and watched some football

The birthday girl with her grandkids

Daci and Dawson 

Then we fed the babies

and put them to bed so we could enjoy dinner in peace :)

Mom and Tannon

Mom with her favorite Magelby's chocolate cake

Dawson and I with our gluten free cupcakes.  We are "special" as my family says :)

Mom and I

Daci LOVED the cake too

A little hyped up on sugar :)
 The next day my mom and I went on a girls shopping trip for her birthday at Fashion Place Mall.  We also ate at Cheesecake Factory.  While I was gone (I didn't get any pics :( ) Rick decided to take the kids to Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country.  He said Daci had a lot of fun and the babies did pretty well until the end.  Daci really wanted to ride the ponies but the line wrapped around the pavillion twice.  They waited for about twenty minutes and then the babies started crying so they had to leave :(  Poor girl was pretty sad but still a good sport about it.  You can tell daddy was in charge...Daci's hair wasn't done and her shorts are on backward :)  Thats okay, I was pretty impressed he took them all out and even took pics for me!

Daci with a pony


Daci and Street

Big Horse


Rick said Street kept holding his leg in the air like this.  Haha!


Liz Smith said...

bahahaha! i love that daci's shorts were on backwards! i didn't notice, but i laughed when you mentioned it. Gotta love husbands. Him taking them out definitely makes up for the limited girl prepping skills though. :)

Karen Pedersen said...

I am stealing some of these pics! I haven't even seen most of those. I laughed about the backward shorts. I remember once when I was out of town on a Sunday and you were about a year and a half old. When I got back the next week everyone at church told me that they knew I had to be out of town. Dad took you to church in red sweats and your hair poking up all over. Oh dear! That is why God made mothers.