Monday, October 15, 2012

Utah Fun Continues

We got to go do a session at the Mt. Timpanogas Temple.  We were married there and its just about five minutes from our house.  It was so much fun to 1- have babysitters and be able to finally go to a session! and 2- visit the temple that I love so much!

We went to visit Rick's grandma in Salt Lake. Daci had so much fun playing on the swing set that Penny used to play on as a kid!  
Grandma Jean and Street

Grandma Jean and Liv

Liv was having fun pulling up to this table.  She was pretty proud :)

The whole crew (Daci and Fred were playing outside)

Street keeps pulling this funny face lately

Daci on the swing set!

Such an awesome Papou!

This is a chair that is from when Penny was young too!

Daci loved picking the tomatoes from Grandma Jean's garden

Street was pretty fussy this trip.  He was especially having a bad few days when his second tooth was trying to pop through on the bottom.  Right before this picture he was screaming his head off and we couldn't do anything to calm him down.  Rick started blowing bubbles with his gum and Street was immediately happy and focused.  He would pop the bubble and then give us the biggest goofiest grin and then he would make this noise and pull a face that said, "Do it again or I'm going to scream!" Hahaha

Later that night we had my family come out for another BBQ

The boys threw the football around

Then they had fun playing keep away from Daci

And then we had fun playing ping pong!

A few days later we had a brunch with Penny's family.  We had lots of good food!  I'm so mad I didn't take any pictures.  I did snap a few after everyone left while we were sitting on the porch talking.  Street was still REALLY fussy this day!
Sophie with Dac and Liv
He was screaming so hard and wouldn't go down for a nap.  Papou worked his magic and got him to sleep.  He is so patient!
Daci stole my phone and took this pic of Liv and I
After his nap he had about 10 minutes of smiles before he started screaming again :)  Isn't he the cutest!?
We went out to shoot guns with my dad a few days later.  We drove up the Springville Canyon and shot pop cans.  It was so much fun!

Shooting the .22 handgun

Dad giving Rick tips

Not gonna lie, I was pretty darn good ;)

The pro

Funny story:  The people near us brought huge pictures of this couple, like their engagement pictures and their wedding pictures and this girl just shot the heck out of them!  Hahaha!  Ex-boyfriend maybe?  It was pretty creepy :)

The .22 Rifle

We went out a week later with mom too.  She came straight from speaking somewhere and shot in her dress.  Ha!

 And heres a random picture of the trick Street learned while we were out there :)  He was sure proud of himself!

Almost done with the Utah trip!  I still have pics from when we went to Tuacahn!


Karen Pedersen said...

Can't wait for some more Utah fun with you in a few months!

Melissa M. McCoy said...

Love the shooting pics, glad to see we are not the only rednecks in the family :)

Abrahao said...

Korinne oh how I have missed your blog! You and your family are so dang cute! Junior would be so proud of you for practicing your shooting skills :-) Love it! You guys look like your having so much fun, hope all is well!