Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day in the Kiddie Pool

One of my friends, Laura, has us over every once in a while to run through sprinklers and play in their kiddie pool.  Carly and I went over and met some other friends in the ward there.  The kids had a BLAST! We also had a great time enjoying some girl talk :)



Daci, Kate, Eleni, Carly and a new little boy in the ward

Annie with Maggie, Daci and Kate

Annie with Daci and Eleni.  She is so good with the little ones!

Annie and Eleni


Ashley said...

Wow- awesome pictures! Thanks for taking some of Maggie! She is really starting to love playing with friends.

Karen Pedersen said...

I can hardly wait to get that little Daci girl here in a couple of weeks. I'm so excited! Pack her swimsuit for the sprinklers here.

Carly said...

aw what fun day! All the kiddies are so cute!

LauraJ said...

Love the pics - what a fun day! I can hardly believe the 30 degree weather change...I wanted to do it again this week. Maybe next?

I also love that you caught Kate on film dumping a bucket of water on her face - love it