Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Rained Out Air Show!

Chicago has an amazing Air Show every year.  We went last year right after we moved here and it was one of the highlights of our year.  We have all been anxiously awaiting the show this year and were excited to take Carly and Micah with us.

The morning was looking pretty overcast and gloomy and we were nervous it was going to get rained out. We decided to be optimists and head down to the city anyway.  We got there early and got a good spot on the beach and waited for it to start.  It started at 10am and we saw three little prep routines to get us ready for the big show.  They were really cool and we were excited for the big events to start.  But then....they announced a 30 minute halt in the show due to weather.  It started to sprinkle and we decided we could wait out a 30 minute drizzle.  Boy, were we wrong.  The drizzle turned into a 3 hour downpour with a ton of thunder and lightening and caused the show to be stopped until the late afternoon and thus, ruining our fun day.  We waited the storm out for about an hour.  In fact, we were one of the very last people left on the beach.  It got really scary with big thunder and lightening right around us and the lake.  We finally decided to make a run for it to a nearby freeway overpass.  By that time though we were all soaked to the bone and miserable.  We went back to our car to wait it out, thinking it would pass quickly.  By 12:30 though we were all freezing, Daci was soaked to the bone and we were exhausted.  Poor Rick. I felt so bad for him.  He was SO excited for the show and had been talking about it for weeks.  I felt awful that he was going to have to miss it!  We decided to head back home.  The traffic was awful and we were miserable in our cold, wet clothes.  When we finally pulled in at 2:30pm the weather cleared and it was beautiful.  They started the show back up about 10 minutes later :(  What a bummer!  We were so sad to miss it, I think Rick still isn't over it :)

Despite it being a lamesauce day, we did get some fun pictures before we got rained out.  Enjoy!

Daci anxiously awaiting the start of the show, with her box of Wheat Thins of course :)

Gloomy, but beautiful lake front

The first little "teaser"

Rick watching

This was really cool.  They let parachuters out over the water and they did all these cool maneuvers with smoke and stuff.

The parachuters coming down onto the beach

These planes came back out and did some amazing passes.  They stay in this tight formation the whole time!  I can't believe they don't crash!  

After these, they called for a pause in the show.  We snapped some family pics while it drizzled a bit.

 I promise Daci was really happy!  She just kept pulling the WIERDEST faces when we tried to take pictures :)

Then, the storm happened!  We stayed on the beach in the storm for about 30 minutes and then decided to head to the underpass.  It was like the apocalypse or something.  There were a TON of people all huddled up and freezing.  We all looked homeless :)

Daci was soaked to the bone.  She was such a trooper though.  She never cried, but you could tell she was miserable!

So a sad day, but an entertaining story!  We hope next year is much better :)


Karen Pedersen said...

Stinkin' cute photos of your rainy day. My fave is the last one.

Liz Smith said... sad. stupid unpredictable chicago weather. at least you got some fun pictures out of it. we've never been to the air and water show...maybe next year.

Mrs. Ham said...

haha i love the "homeless" look! there are so many fun things to do there! Daci is so cute! and your little tummy is adorable! hope you're feeling well!

Tommy, Jaci and Porter said...

Hey i made my blog private, and you didn't leave me your if you want to still look at my blog just email me and i'll add you so we can keep staying in touch! its so fun!

LauraJ said...

So so sad! I feel horrible about you guys being soaked under the under pass... I guess at least there is a good story from it all (and some fun pictures!)

Can you tell I'm getting caught up on the blog? Love the updates!