Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 2 at The Pedersens House

 The second week Rick went home to Chicago to work and I went and stayed at my parents house.  Luckily, Easton was up for the weekend from Cedar City for a friend's wedding so we were able to see him for a little bit.  Daci loved playing with her "squeaky" (squirt gun) and blowing bubbles with him!

We went to the Spanish Fork Rodeo Preliminary Rounds to see one of my dad's friends from South Dakota do calf tieing.  Luckily it was the Preliminary Round and not many people were there cuz all Daci wanted to do was climb the bleachers!

Easton, my Mom, Dawson and Daci

Daci loves her Daws!

I love this pic of Daci just chillaxing on Easton as they watch the events

My dad's friend doing the calf tieing.  He had a good time and moved on to the finals that night.

My cute mom and dad

Grandma showing Daci the horses

My dad with his friends.  The one in the middle was the one in the Rodeo (if you couldn't tell, haha!)

On the 24th my Aunt Cindy and her family (minus Katie :( ) came over for a BBQ.  Daci had so much fun with my cousins: Tyler, Ammon and Paige!

As the Astons were leaving our neighbors were shooting fireworks off up in the sky.  Can you tell that Daci doesn't like fireworks?

I got to get together with my besties while I was there. Kelli had just had her baby so we went to her house and got Cafe Rio. I sure love my girls!

Kelli, Trish, Me, and Kari Jo
Stay tuned for the last installment of our Utah trip :)  We went to Tuacahn to see Daysha perform in The Little Mermaid and Grease and I have lots of fun pictures to share!

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Karen Pedersen said...

We had so much fun having you here.