Monday, August 15, 2011

The Last of Our Utah Trip

My Mom, Daci and I drove down to Cedar City to visit Easton and Daysha and see Daysha perform in her shows at Tuacahn.  It was SUCH A FUN TRIP!

When we got there Easton and Daysha had a cute present all ready for Daci.  It was a Disney Princess bucket and shovel,  full of treats to eat during the show and some Little Mermaid momentos :) Daci was so excited!

 That night we drove down to St. George and had dinner with E and Daysh and then she left to go get ready for the show.  When we pulled into Tuacahn I was in awe!  It is so beautiful!  Its right in the middle of this beautiful red rock scenery.  Here is a pic of my mom, E, and Daci before the show.

 E, Daci and I in front of The Little Mermaid and Grease signs before the show

We saw Grease the first night and Daysha had the role of Cha Cha.  She was SO amazing!  They changed the role quite a bit from what it is in the movies.  Instead of being really sexy and hoochy, she was the comic relief of the show.  She had a thick spanish accent and did the funniest/craziest dance moves!  She was definitely the most entertaining part of the show and I was SO impressed with her!  Great job Daysh!  The show started at 8:45 so that most of the show would be dark.  Daci's regular bedtime is 7 so needless to say, she was exhausted once the 2.5 hour show was over!

With Daysha (Cha Cha) after the show

Mom ad Daysha

Daysha and her proud hubby

On the way home from the show Daci started coughing her head off.  By the time we got home (after an hour long drive!) she had a fever :(  Easton and Daysha ran to the store and got me some medicine for her while she slept in my mom's arms.  We finally got her in her crib at about 1:30am.  I stayed up with E and Daysh til 3 talking.  Daci and I shared a room and she coughed this scary croup sounding cough all night long.  She was snoring so loudly too!  She woke up at 6am so I got 3 hours of sleep and she got 4.5 hrs.  It was a rough night and I was so worried about her.

 I was thinking she would have to stay home with Easton the next day and miss out on the Little Mermaid show :(  Luckily, by the late afternoon she seemed completely better.  No cough, no fever, and she took a 3.5 hour nap.  She was playing with E and Daysh and seemed back to her normal self.

A cute Little Mermaid costume we got for her at the gift shop
 We took her to the show and I am SO glad we did!  She LOVED it!  It was so fun that she knew all of the characters.  She would get so worried when one of them would leave the stage.  She kept saying "Oh no!  Where Prince Eric go?"  or "Where Ariel go?"  Her favorite of the night was Flounder though!

We tried, but couldn't get Daci to look at the camera. Darn!

Mom, E and Daci before the show

Daci, Daysha and Easton after the show

Mom, Daci, Daysha and I after the show

The next morning we got up and drove back to my parent's house in Springville, but not without stopping for Squeaky Cheese in Beaver!  I was SO excited!  I love fresh cheese curd! :)

Daci loved it too :)

The next day I went and visited my cute friend from SUU, Megan.  She lives in Springville now and it was so fun to see her!  Can you believe I knew her when that little guy next to her was born!?  Time flies!

Cuddling with Grandma

The last night we were there we had The Roberts out for a little "Farewell BBQ".  It was so much fun for Daci to have everyone she loves so much all together for one last time!

Yia Yia Penny, Daci, and Sophie

Easton, Mom, Me, Daci, Dad and Dawson

Sophie, Me, Penny, Daci and Fred
It was such a fun trip and it gets harder and harder to say goodbye every time!  Love you all!


Emily said...

i LOVE tuachan! how fun that you got to see TWO shows! sounds like a fantastic trip :)

Karen Pedersen said...

Are you ready to come back for another visit yet?

Blake and La-Shana Francom said...

I love all your pics from your Utah trip! My in laws went to see those shows and loved The Little Mermaid. Also... is that Megan Stallings?? She's married now but I went to highschool with her if it is her. Ha :)

Jessica said...

I want to go see the shows so badly! And how cool that your sis in law is in them! So much more fun! I am glad you guys get to come home and visit and have such a blast when you do! I love catching up with you through your blog :)

Mrs. Ham said...

nothing is better than fresh cheese curd!!

Ashley said...

It looks like you had so much fun. But we are glad you are back! Maggie loves playing with Daci!

The Baldwin's said...

What a great trip! I cannot believe you saw Megan! I so. Ish we could all get together! Ps great job on the potty training I might need some advice in a couple months!!