Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Rest of Week One in Utah

We stayed with The Roberts the first week we were in Utah.  My parents moved to Springville a little while ago and it was a lot harder trying to work out when we could see them when they weren't right down the street anymore.  So, we decided to do the first week at the Roberts house and the second week Daci and I stayed with my parents after Rick went back to Chicago.  We were still able to see my parents a few times that week though.  Like I said in the first Utah Post, they came up to the Roberts for a BBQ and then one day we went to Easton's best friend's wedding at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple with them.  It was so much fun to be back in the temple that Rick and I were married in, especially with it being so close to our five year anniversary!

Don't you just love this picture my mom took of the temple?  I want to get it framed for my house!

Rick and I at the Timpanogas Temple

After the temple we went home and Rick played with Daci on the riding lawn mower.

If you can't tell, she LOVED it!

Later that day Rick booked a glider flight in Heber.  Riding in a glider has been one of his life long goals and I'm so glad he was able to do it!  We made a day of it with Daci and Rick's parents and we went to lunch at a little place called Spin City (so good!), then Rick went on his glider ride, and then we decided we didn't get enough of Spin City and we went back for some Gelato :)

Rick's long body was so cramped in that tiny plane!

Haha!  His knees are in his ears!

There was barely room for our camera so Rick couldn't look to see what he was taking pics of.  He just had to hold it up and snap.  He got some really beautiful shots though.

Our little fam after his flight
 Back at Spin City for Gelato!  Daci was in a wild and crazy mood by now!

She loved the Gelato!  She couldn't get her mouth open wide enough :)

Feeding Papou

Having Fun with Yia Yia

Feeding Papou again

One thing Daci LOVED in Utah was walking The Roberts' little dog, Gus.  She would always ask if she could take him for walks.  Luckily, he is the perfect size for her!

Saying Good-Bye to Yia Yia and Papou before we headed up to my parents' house

These two are adorable together!


Carly said...

O boy mom looks like such a Yia Yia in that last pic-long skirt, apron, hair pulled back, child in her arms, love it! I miss Utah, want to be there so bad!

Karen Pedersen said...

Loved these pics! Utah wants you back.

Todd Family said...

hey!! so can you send me more information about that glider thing? Kev eventually wants to get his pilot license and i think that would be so much for him to test out! thanks! glad you had fun in utah!!