Monday, August 22, 2011

My 2 1/2 Year Old!

My Daci Bug turned 2 1/2 on Sunday the 21st!  I can't believe it. Seriously wasn't she just a tiny baby in my arms?  It blows my mind.

We went to her check-up today and everything is looking great.  She is 30 lbs 5 oz (70%), 37 inches (80%), and her head circumference is 19 inches (50%).  She got to wear her underwear to her appointment and the doctor was very impressed :)  She also got a free spinny toothbrush because I filled out a survey.

Daci is definitely in a stage right now.  The only way I can describe her is: HANDFUL! She is seriously testing my limits!  She is so smart and knows exactly what she should and shouldn't do and loves to push me to see how far she can go.  Like I've said before, my fuse is definitely a lot shorter since I got pregnant and I am having a hard time keeping my cool.  As hard as she is right now, she is also so much fun.  I just love her spunky and determined personality.  I only hope and pray that we can learn how to channel it for good :)

Some things about Daci right now:

-She loves eggs
-She loves tacos
-She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-She loves all the classic Disney Movies
-She loves to play at the park
-She loves to quote movies
-She LOVES nursery
-She loves all her friends and especially loves it when we go to play at other people's houses
-Unfortunately she likes to bully her little cousin, Eleni
-She has to do everything herself.  I can't do anything for her anymore.
-When she is sad she has to bring me her blankie and lay on my shoulder
-She loves music and has to know the title of EVERY song that comes on in the car.  I usually don't know them so I just make up a title for them because she won't drop it until I tell her one :)
-She says, "Whatchu doin ner?"
-"What you say, Mom?"
-"I miss my daddy mom, will he come home safely?" We pray for Rick to come home safely if she goes to bed before he gets home so she always asks me if he will come home safely :)
-She loves her grandparents and aunts and uncles and is constantly asking if she can go to their houses
-She compliments my cooking at the dinner table, "Mmmmm! This really good mom!"
-She tells me I'm pretty. "You so beauful Mommy!"
-She loves to dress up.  She always puts bows and dresses and makeup on and then runs to Rick or I and says, "I so beauful!"
-She loves her princess potty and potty trained in just one week
-She loves her crib
-She loves to read Dr. Seuss books
-She loves to look at my scrapbooks
-She can't wait for the twins.  She says, "You have two babies in your tummy.  A baby boy and a baby girl. When they comin mom?!"
-My favorite, she knows her full name now and anytime you say something like "Daci your so silly" or "Daci why you being so crazy?" She'll say, "I not silly! I DACI PARAS ROBERTS!" "I not crazy, I DACI PARAS ROBERTS!"
-She loves to know everyone's names
-She twists her hair with her fingers and I'm so afraid she will go bald!
-She loves to push my buttons :)

After her nap today I took her out for a little "photo shoot". Here's my Bug:


Karen Pedersen said...

I love this child SOOOOOOO much! She is so darn cute and spunky. Give her some hugs from Grandma!

Mrs. Ham said...

i stil remember carly txting me telling me you were having your baby...2 1/2 years ago??! crazy! she's so cute! and all grown up now! so excited for her and her new tb! (toothbrush)! good to teach em young. haha

Abrahao said...

Ahhhh Korinne I can't believe how big she is either! I remember when she was just a tiny little baby! You guys have done such a great job with her, she is so beautiful! I love the list of things she likes, she is adorable! Love and miss you

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

Oh how I wish our little munchkins could be buddies. Maybe when I'm rich and famous I'll come to chicago for play dates :)